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  • Baby carriers, what's the next step on from a BabyBjorn?
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    We have a Sleepy Nico carrier, well made and does the job. We went the custom route, choosing different fabrics from what they have on the website.

    SteveT’s right.

    Surely by the time they’re too big for a BabyBjorn, they’re ready to toddle when not in a buggy. We also had a proper baby rucksack like your Osprey.

    Having said that, a friend swore by something like I’ve pictured for her 2 1/2 year-old. Sadly my friend looks nothing like the lady in the picture.

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    I bought a BabyBjorn from someone on here last year (one of these) and we’ve found it to be an excellent way of moving LittleMissMomo around, however, as is the way with babies LMM is growing like a weed and will very shortly be too large for this carrier.

    I’m looking for recommendations for what to replace it with, we already have a rucksack carrier (Osprey Poco) which is more comfortable (both for LMM and me) for long periods but we would like another lightweight carrier as we tend to keep it stuffed under the pushchair for rapid deployment when she gets bored of being sat down!

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    Alright Matt, you bought my old one and glad it was good.

    We went for the BabyBjorn One as our upgrade as it takes Jnr up to 3 years and can go on the back as well as the front.

    All the best


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    we went with an ergobaby 360 performance, it’s excellent.


    little life adjustable rucksack type thing.

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    SleepyNico is awesome. Just brilliant


    What MCH said. Babybjorn was quite good until pushchair time. At which point both ours wanted to toddle until they dropped, when they went in the chair.


    We went from a baby bjorn to a manduca. They pack pretty small and are quite easy to use.


    +1 for Manduca. We used a baby bjorn briefly then on to the manduca, and used the manduca as a easily packable carrier alongside the bigger framed littlelife backpac carrier.

    Not very stealth ad: I really should move our Manduca on now it’s no longer used. PM or e-mail if interested.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    the Sleepy Nico looks nice but probably not suitable as she hates being turned in towards us unless she’s very tired.

    Definitely nowhere near toddling, she’s only 4.5 months old.

    BabyBjorn One is on the list to try.

    Mark90 – PM’d you.

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    A vote for a Tula here, very comfortable both on the front and back. Still use it occasionally and my boy is 18 months and tall for his age.

    Cheers, Rich


    after the bjorn we went through an assortment of slings/wraps etc that friends gave or lent us. We ended up using an ergobaby classic. still use it now for our 2 year old when he refuses to sleep but needs to!

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