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  • I’ve been so excited about this moment for the past 9 months. I can finally buy a baby bike seat for my lad. He’s coming up to ten months now so i’m hoping someone can advise on which ones to consider.

    I’ll be using it on both my trusty specialized camber and my CX bike. Given he’s the most precious thing in the world to me I don’t want to opt for cheapy models so really want something sturdy, safe and comfortable.

    Can anyone offer some options to consider?

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    Thule, Hamax and Bobike are all worth checking out.

    Have you considered a trailer though? Much better off road.


    Topeak make a great infant bike seat. Very sturdy and the chair part is removable for security.


    Has to be the weeride which is brilliant better than all the ones that bounce around on the back of the bike as it sits on the top tube between you and the bars they can see where they are going then! Managed to do a few reds with mine on board!

    I had a hamax one but it wasn’t the best. Looking back I’d have much rather gone for a weeride.


    Whilst the Weeride is excellent it won’t fit on the cx bike (assuming you’ve got drop bars fitted)

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    We used this WeeRide for our wee boy and he loved it – can see whats happening, you can talk to them, you can see how cold they might be getting and in the event of a crash at least you can put your arms around them and take the hit yourself!



    I tried a Weeride but didn’t get on with it, I found there was too much knee interference. Probably just a combination of rider and bike geometry, as plenty of folk get on fine with them, but worth bearing in mind. Might be worth seeing if anyone local on here can loan you one, or just let you fit it to your bike for a test ride up and down the street.

    I ended up with a Yepp Mini, which was superb. JnrH mkII is due any day now so I’m hopeful it’ll be back in use in late 2016. The mount for the Yepp is hugely less intrusive than the Weeride mount, and you can buy a second mount for your other bike, then you can just clip the seat to whichever bike you are using.

    For really young kids I’d be nervous about putting them in a trailer or rear seat. When they’re up front you can keep an eye on them, and monitor how much their heads are being wobbled about. I don’t want to re-open the can of worms regarding the safest age to start them in a child seat, but personally, IMHO etc, etc, 10 months seems too young to be out of your direct sight, unless they have a freakishly strong neck. For reference, I rode 5km to daycare with my son from 7½ months, so I’ve no problems with young kids on bikes!

    Plus, when they are in a front seat they are right under your head so you can talk to them, point out interesting things etc, which I really liked.

    The weeride looks excellent and as i’ve just realised typical rear mounted carriers won’t fit full sus or carbon the weeride is actually the only viable option as it should fit my old specialized camber.


    Just bought a wee ride for my 7 month. Subject to weather I’ll be taking him out for a gentle test ride sometime next week. He has just started crawling so I reckon he’ll be ok, will be watching closely.

    I’ve got a dedicated hack bike for him. Don’t see any point in swapping it between a cx bike or a full suss, you won’t be going anywhere fast. In my opinion you need something cheap you can leave at the cafe safely whilst you change/feed them. It does interfere with the knees so I’m wondering about picking up some cheap flats rather than ride clipped in.

    Really looking forward to taking him out and giving mum some space and getting some miles in!

    Halfords (Hamax) one has been excellent. I don’t like the front mounted ones. Drivers behind you cannot see how have a baby on board. Mind you I’ve still had a few @@@@ get far too close despite them being clearly able to see the child seat.

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