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  • Axminster tools machinery clearance sale
  • Premier Icon dyna-ti
    Free Member

    Wouldn’t hang about.

    I got a chipping extractor i was going to buy anyway, and just saved £155. Bloody bargain 😀

    Other savings in the other sections of ‘clearance’

    Premier Icon zilog6128
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    some good bargains there! Was debating the scroll saw, even though I have absolutely no use for it. Fortunately it’s gone now 😃

    Premier Icon AlexSimon
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    Those lathes are cheap. Unfortunately mine has stood unused after I learned the basics. I loved woodturning, but after making a few bowls I just don’t need any more round things in my home/workshop.
    I was also surprised at the cost of wood blanks. I think the only way to do it cost effectively is to always be on the lookout for free/cheap sources of wood.

    Premier Icon BillMC
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    Nice one! Bench grinder and facing tool on the way.

    Premier Icon fazzini
    Full Member

    @nobbingsford – one for you this 😁

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
    Free Member

    AlexSimon – I was looking at the lathes too but also couldn’t justify the cost given what I have just spent on a planer thicknesser and a bandsaw. I might be able to clear out some space in your shed by buying your disused lathe for a nominal amount. Not sure how close to Southampton you are for delivery but a trip to the New Forest in your campervan would be lovely at this time of year…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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