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  • AW08 – Smart Watch
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    I hope this is OK and not seen as promoting ‘fakes’. If it is, apologies to the admin team and please feel free to delete this post!

    Reading up on the iPhone ‘alike’ AW08 (BBC article here). I fancy giving one of these a try to get Strava data onto my wrist without sticking a full on, expensive, non waterproof apple product in the perfect place for tree collisions etc!

    I’m only looking for time, ride duration, distance travelled and maybe heart rate from my separate monitor (probably not achievable as it would be two bluetooth devices trying to talk to a single phone)

    Has anyone bought/tried one? Does it work with Strava?

    Anyone else got any views on the legality? As I have never knowingly dowloaded any pirated stuff I don’t want to breach my own ‘don’t be naughty’ principles. However, they are on sale on E-Bay so surely they can’t be illegal? If they are, any other cheap options for doing something similar?


    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    If they are, any other cheap options for doing something similar?

    The low end garmin or other GPS trackers, probably with a much better GPS receiver, battery life and waterproofing. Watch or bar mounting etc.

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    They are no doubt not illegal but will be very close to the line.

    The software won’t be great and they don’t have the HR sensors that the apple watch does.

    I’d be going with mikes view and going for a low end Garmin type device with a HR sensor too.

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    It’s just a cheap android watch. I think they have pretty limited functionality with iOS, and I’d be very surprised if it will work with Strava using an iPhone.

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    It’ll probably be quite poor. But, at £25 it might actually be worth a punt to find out.

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    I have a Magellan Echo (£40 on line). Very comfortable and I wear mine as a ordinary watch most days.

    Controls and displays basic Strava data via watch. You bluetooth it to your phone which is the bit running the Strava app.


    £50 with hart rate monitor.

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