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  • Avid X0 Trail pad replacement woes – help!
  • d45yth

    Have they got a bite point adjust? If so, make sure it’s all the way out. If it already is or they haven’t got one, there’s too much fluid in the system.

    Undo the top bleed point a little when you push the pistons back in.

    yeah have a bite point (think its called contact point on sram), didnt do anything when trying to prise the pistons back

    i guess i could keep pumping them out, and spraying something into get them free’d up?

    only 3 months old though, not had to touch them as the pads have lasted brilliantly! i have managed to get the old ones back in so can still ride (provided i can get a new pad retaining bolt)

    but one side of the caliper the 2 pistons are loads further out than the other….strange as the pads have actually worn evenly too!

    b r

    Avid pad pain – just like the tool-free replacement on Juicy’s… 😳

    Has anyone else had issues fitting new pads?

    Premier Icon danrandon

    Drop me an email with your address in and I’ll pop you a retaining pin in the post

    just came to change the rear pads in my avid x0 trails for the first time

    not as easy as id expected quite frankly

    when i push the pistons back in, one of the other pistons (theres 4) pops out, i can get one side to fully sit back into the bores, but the opposite side, i push one in and it pops the other out further, and vice versa!

    i had some uber bike pads to put in, but couldnt get anywhere near enough clear space to get the disc through, had absolutly no chance, as it one side isnt sitting flush, i cannot for the life of me get all four pistons to sit back in the bores, push one in and the other pushes out, and even if i lever across both calipers on side by the time i put the pads in the seem to have come back out together making the gap to small to get the disc in

    are uber bike pads really thick? theyve basically ruined one set of pads just trying to get the buggers in the disc

    should have been a nice 2 minute job, and turned into a disaster!

    whats more ive managed to round off the pad retaining bolt (luckily it wasnt that tight so undid it with pliers….where can i get a replacement one? or does anyone know if another version/brand will fit?


    I had the same problem on my new Elixirs, just drop some fluid out, they have been over filled that’s all. Once you’ve dropped a touch of fluid like d45yth said and they will be fine.

    Danrandon will email you now very kind of you sir!

    Will have to get lbs to do that then! At least there not buggered the lever still feels really solid even though the pads are down, just can’t get them to retract at all properly so sounds like I need the lbs! Shame there’s a 3 week wait at the mo 🙁 just hope these pads can last!


    The bad news is that you have brought quite possibly the worst pads available. I have the xo trail brakes and had some uber pads inserted into them. I removed them and burned them, fed the ashes to dogs, and burned the dog poop. They were that terrible.

    Noisiest pads by a mile. Embarrassingly noisy.

    Replace with avid original pads, expensive yes, but superiors to every other alternative.

    Premier Icon danrandon

    Check your email Dave


    There’s no need to go to your lbs. Just wrap a rag around the bleed point, loosen the bolt, then push the pistons back like you were doing and nip bleed bolt back up.

    Edit – then wipe up any fluid with a wet rag.

    Cheers guys

    Dan is sorting me out bolt wise! (Legend!)

    Will have a look at brakes again tomoz sounds like should be an easy fix, will try get some official pads again I think as they have lasted me loads of miles and very impressed with the power too

    Ps where is the bleed point on the x0 trials?

    Premier Icon danrandon

    No probs buddy only too glad to help out a fellow rider. Enjoy wales. Watch out for sheep shit 😀

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Pads, I’ve been using Superstar Kevlar on my X0 Trails fine. Bit of a fiddle getting the angle right to pop them in, but once aligned they pop in okay, and the pads are great. I’m totally sold on their Kevlar for general running now. Much better than sintered, far less noisy, and still quite durable while vastly cheaper than Avid originals which aren’t significantly better enough to pay so much for.

    Not had piston trouble, though the 4 pots may have more of a balance issue I guess. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/tech-spotlight-brake-caliper-piston-service-assessment-2014.html

    Pad pins… bin them and use split pins. I’ve rounded off loads of the stupid aly pins and had one snap the head that had to be drilled out. I use split pins always now and they’re perfect, and so much easier to deal with.

    Thanks dan 🙂 shall enjoy the sheep don’t worry 😉

    Cheers for info above there I will have a play with freeing pistons again, maybe give them a good clean wth isopropyl first then press lever in slowly see if can get the all moving freely, if not and I’m struggling I’ll leave it to lbs

    Thanks again folks

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    Mine were a struggle, just changed them and the wheel was a bitch to get in. Feels like the fluid has expanded a bit. Knife and swearing got the wheel in, was locked on but elastic band round the lever overnight has seen it reet.

    Premier Icon danrandon

    Dave i’ve dropped them with some pads on a did express pack for you buddy so will be with you tomorrow. I’ve emailed you the tracking number 😉

    dan = possible the nicest guy ive ever met on the internet! i owe you bigtime! absolute legend, and restores faith in human beings!

    sounds like im not the only one with a issue putting new pads in….worse case scenario as my current pads are that worn ill file down these uber pads (which have been nearly destroyed trying to get them in) but at least its better than having a set of full worn ones in for the time being, until i can sort the brakes out properly

    Premier Icon yoshimi


    I’ve got some X7 Trails which are pretty much the same – they are the noisiest brakes I’ve ever had!! Ok in the dry but any sort of moisture and they’re unbearable – original avid pads noisy, new EBC gold pads noisy!

    Anyone else have the same issue?

    Premier Icon danrandon

    moved away from the std Avid pads and been using Superstar ones, granted they don’t come with news pins, but at nearly £15 cheaper for organic pads compared to Avids who gives a ****.

    Kevlar pads from Superstar are also very good.

    mine are noisy in the wet i must say – they go back to fine after a few hard brakes, but are pretty horrid to start with…

    but they perform well still even with the noise…

    in the dry they are absolutly silent though with the avid pads

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Sintered pads? If so, in the wet yes they’ll be noisy. Kevlar are far less noisy, though do wear a little quicker in the mud.

    The brakes themselves shouldn’t be making the noise, it’s down to pads, but could be the rotors also. If you’ve got any contaminants on the rotor for example. Clean with IPA and use new pads then do the bed in process before riding.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    I’ll try to give them a clean – but they’ve been like this from new – yes sinterded pads – maybe I’ll try Kevlar pads

    Was up on High Street a few weeks ago, not a soul about, one of the quietest places you can hope to find in the Lakes…I reckon my brakes could have been heard in the Howgills!

    Edit: they do work very well tho

    just wanted to say a big thankyou to danielrandon

    absolute legend, sent me out (couriered!!!) two new pins and a set of pads, not many folk would do such a thing, an incredible gesture really guarenteeing they get to me in time for the weekend!

    if theres anything every you need daniel please do not hesitate to shout

    also my mate did the oil thing for me last night and as advice above etc it worked a treat, pistons fully back in and new pads went in fine then

    sometimes this place/people is just absolutly amazing!

    Premier Icon danrandon

    No probe mate. Enjoy yourself, only too glad to help out.

    Premier Icon danrandon

    How was Wales mate? Did you get the new pads in?

    dan – yep pads were put in and new pin used, i did get some delivered in time from crc too (unbelieveably arrived next day even though i didnt pay for it!)

    wales was absolutly class thanks, struggled with massive amounts of dehydration and major cramp (obviously not drinking enough water!)

    but apart from that it was mint, and it was great knowing i had the spares there guarenteed from you 🙂

    how is cornwall? how is the new whyte riding?

    cheers agian

    Premier Icon danrandon

    Cornwallis great did a 30 miler yesterday along the cliff tops. Great fun. Light pasty lunch stop, followed by copious amounts of scrumpy. Lol

    great stuff – sounds like fun! and the weathers just grand too! enjoy buddy!

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