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  • seriously ive hated avid since i first had juicys, then stupidly upgraded to elixir many many years back

    new x0 trails on a new bike and christ they are good, non of the constant adjustment i used to have to do with my old avids, power is immense (4 pot), they are quite sexy (for a brake 😉 ), the modulation on them is far far superior to anything else ive used, and they are completely silent!

    seriously impressed, only a few rides in but and could go totally tits up, but as it stands by christ they are the best brakes ive owned straight out of the box so to speak

    please tell me they will stay this way and not need constant messing with?


    Have they got ‘avid’ written on them? Oh….nevermind then.


    Glad to see this, I’ll be fitting some myself tomorrow 🙂

    Is it now possible to change the pads when they wear out?

    Hope you enjoy them!

    i really did honestly think id be changing them straight away, but a lad at the lbs has the x9 trail version on his bike (same 4 pot) and he said they are the best brakes hes ever owned by far, given hes owned about every brand going and riding for 20odd years/racing i do regard his opinion quite highly

    i wouldnt be surprised if they went wrong mind either 😆

    but im hopeful if they stay like this, they will be pretty good and i wont be replacing them!

    Premier Icon neil853

    I’ve just fitted some to mine too, very impressed, loads of power and a very comfy leaver.


    Yep they’re the best brakes on the market by far. Not just the XO’s, the 7 and 9 Trails are great also.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    check back in with us in 6months and let us know how you’re getting on 🙂

    Never owned avids myself but have heard horror stories and seen (and waited patiently for) avid owners, good to hear they may have upped their game.

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    Shhh STW dont need to know the new Avids are actually ok, keeps the supply of cheap Avids for the rest of us 😈

    My X0 trails have been running fine since last Oct btw, no problems what so ever…

    cool, so its a resounding ‘brilliant’ so far! thats good to know and a bit of longer term use too!

    what aftermarket pads are folk using?

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Well MBR reviews have an automatic macro that automatically inserts some comment about having to bleed out of the box and once every 50km every time the word Avid or Elixir appears in the text. So no chance of them selling well regardless of how good or bad they are.
    Even user reviews comment about the predecessor, not the completely new product. Should have given it a totally different name imho.

    Tempted myself. X9 Trail or X0 Trail.


    Been running XO trails for over 6 mths – no probs.

    Avid organic pads work very well… but don’t last that long so I recommend packing an extra set if you’ve got a big weekend away.

    Premier Icon NazNomad

    I’ve been running them for just under a year now with no problems whatsoever.
    I’ve just but my third set of pads in , but that includes a week in the Alps and a winter in the Peak District!
    Awesome brakes but I’ve never had any issues with the other Avid brakes I’ve had (Juicy 7’s & Elixr (‘s)


    guessing mine came with organic, very very nice feel to the pads, no noise and 2 fairly decent sized peak rides in and no wear whatsoever, how ever it is dry out so i doubt they would be great in winter!

    i agree, i came into them thinking id be ditching them straight away based on the previous avid brakes, but i must say they are incredible TBH, plus they dont need constantly adjusting like i remember on my elixirs and juicys, they would always rub regardless

    naz – what pads did you replace them with for the peak? sintered proper avids or cheapo superstar etc?


    Mine have been going strong for over a year now, no complaints at all!

    Premier Icon u02sgb

    seriously impressed, only a few rides in

    For me that’s the significant part. I bought Elixirs having expected them to have fixed the problems from the Juicy’s and ended up binning them after 18 months. I’ve mates who’ve run them for a few years though so I reckon it’s to do with quality control as well as time.


    Hob Nob

    For some balance, The Trail9’s that were on the bike I borrowed for a while were utter turd.

    I sold the new ones off the bike I bought before they even got squeezed 🙂

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Got a Code/ X0 combo on my Canyon DH bike. Both awesome brakes.

    I’ve owned a set for a year with absolutely no problems and have got them on my current bike as well. Great brakes.

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Sounds good – always liked my Elixirs when they worked. Let us know if they don’t suffer with sticky pistons after a while..


    I’ve had a new style pair of codes for about a year now and they are my fav brake . I keep swapping them between frames as I like them so much.

    Premier Icon rickon

    I’ve got some X9 Trails, had the option to go X0 Trail – but didn’t see the point for the extra cost, it’s just bush vs bearing – and I’ve never worn out an Avid bush before.

    They are super excellent too, been running them for almost 12 months now – no sticky pistons, they’ve needed one bleed in that time, but not a full bleed just a lever bleed – which takes all of 5 minutes.

    The feel against the XTR M985s they replaced is a real step up.

    Avids were always decent until they needed a bleed or a pad change, then went to shite. Always liked my juicys, but they just became totally unusable and unreliable.

    The X0 trails have had great writeups on NSMB and Dirt though. Be nice if they’d turned a corner.


    Best brake I’ve ever had.

    Formula the ones
    Formula Mega
    Shimano SLX
    Shimano Saint
    Hayes Trail
    Hope M4s

    Beats all of them!


    but as it stands by christ they are the best brakes ive owned straight out of the box so to speak

    Best brakes I’ve ever owned are Shimano 486 @ £28.99 for both front and rear in CRC sale after a PSA on here! Still going strong and on original pads.
    and I have/had
    Avid Juicy 3
    Avid Juicy 7 Ultimate
    Hayes 9
    Shimano SLX
    Shimano Deore (latest version)
    Shimano Saint 810


    Love mine! Gorgeous on the bars, lovely feeling lever and the modulation and stopping power is immense. Had the XO’s for over a year with no probs other than a bit noisy from time to time when cold.


    New brakes on a new bike in work well shocker.


    My xo trail brakes are hydrophobic, they squeal like a pig on the wet. My other avid brakes are agrophobic


    Have 2 sets of them,Had the 1st set since they were released in the uk,absolutely no problems with them..
    wouldnt want anything else


    A couple of rides in now and I’m getting used to them. They are chalk and cheese different to my previous favorite brakes – m800 shimano saints. The saints had great power, and a very snappy bite, which I liked. The X0 trails have loads of power, but are the definition of modulation. There is initial bite, but not all the power in one go, you have to pull the lever a fair bit more to get the full whack. This in theory gives better control, but I’m still getting used to them.

    I’ve ordered a rear to match the front, and will be shortening the hoses and bleeding them soon too.

    yep used mine for a month ish now and they are absolutly brilliant brakes, seriously impressed still (crosses fingers!)

    Have the pistons had chance to get pitted and sieze yet?

    not really, but i tend to clean my bike quite often, so probably no chance of that happening to me anyways, but nice try 😉

    Premier Icon ads678

    I’ve been using Elixir R’s for a few years now without a problem, I don’t really understand the hatred. Suppose I’ve just got a good set!!

    Also been running XO Trails for almost a year with no problems at all. I would say they’re not quite as powerful or well modulated as the latest XT’s which I’ve tested recently, but not far off.

    I particularly like having my brake, shifter and Reverb on one clamp. I can press the Reverb button withot changing hand position which I think is a real advantage.

    Premier Icon neil853

    Had mine for around a month now, agree with a comment above about lever feel, very different to a shimano. Power wise they’re understandably more powerful than my XT’s but not quite as much as my old saints. Very pleased so far

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