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  • Premier Icon rickon

    Hi Chaps,

    Are they Avid specific? i.e. is the CPS system they use mean that the mount adapters have to be Avid ones, so that a standard 180mm post mount adapter will be a little out?

    I’ve mounted one up, and I can’t quite work out if it looks right, or not… it’s a bit odd.

    And I know Avid *used* to be 185mm, but my rotor and mount are both 180 😉



    Premier Icon mattjg

    Not sure what CPS means but my understanding is adapters are brand specific because callipers are too. Avid callipers aren’t the shame shape as Shimano etc.

    I had a second hand bike with an XT calliper on an Avid mount. The brake failed because the calliper mounted on the Avid adapter ended up further away from the axle than Shimano intended. This left an unworn part of pad at the top of it, eventually the two sides met with the rotor spinning away, friction free, in the worn away area beneath.


    So I’d either get the right mount to match the brake brand, or (what I did) is step back to a 160mm rotor on the front, directly mounted on the forks, which is plenty for my needs, and probably most people’s UK riding.


    Avid 180 & 185 PM adaptors are avid specific, the top surfaces of the 2 ‘pillars’ are not flat & rely on the CPS washers to take up the difference.
    Also, the allowance for the CPS washers is taken into account on the caliper rather than the adaptor, so you can use any mount with avid calipers and CPS washers, and any avid mount other than the 180 & 185 PM-PM with any other caliper without the CPS washers.


    While the 185mm ones may well be Avid specific I’m pretty certain the ‘regular’ sizes (160, 180, 203mm) are not. As long as you’re matching the calliper mounting type – ie post.

    I’ve set up Avid mounts with non-Avid brakes and vice-versa.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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