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  • al1982

    just popped some new pads in my elixir’s and they seem loose.

    put the brakes on and you can feel the pads move in the callipers, feels very similar to a loose headset.

    pads are from superstars…. (dont know if that makes any difference)

    ive checked everything is nice and tight and theres still play

    any suggesting on a remedy?



    You’ve put the retaining spring in, haven’t you?
    Put the little retaining bolt back in as well?

    In my experience, Superstar pads are normally hard to get in rather than easy so there is little if any slop.

    Sounds more like a loose rotor. Have you checked your rotor bolts are tight?

    Did you re-centre the caliper? Are those bolts tight?


    yes to the 1st two questions.

    ive checked the rotor as well.

    feels like 0.5 – 1.0mm of movement in the calliper

    re-centring the calliper…. no but all bolts are tight – is this just a case of loosening the calliper bolts applying the brakes and tightening back up????


    You ‘shouldn’t’ need to re-centre the caliper if the pistons were retracted fully when you put the new pads back in. But, you often do have to with Avids in my experience.
    But, yes the method you describe is correct. Don’t just tighten one bolt and then the other. Do them a bit at a time, alternating, with the brake pulled.

    I don’t expect an off-centre caliper to cause your symptoms though.

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    Mine did this too, without any pad changing. It felt really, really bad to the point that the bike did not feel safe to ride – never got to the bottom of why it started or what it was, just your description rings a bell.

    I fixed it with a set of Hopes, which isn’t really what you want to hear! But neither I, nor my LBS, could work out what was causing it! We tried some brake fixing spray (Swissstop Disc Brake Silencer) which helped a fair extent so that could be worth a try.


    sounds like new brakes are required…. just the excuse i needed! 😉


    I bet Avid pads would solve it.

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    I’d remove the pads, check the spring is located around the pad material, pop back in and try again. Sounds like somethings not right, and most likely caused by missing something in the installation process.

    Also, try putting your old pads back in, if the problem is still there – it’s not the pads.

    A little bit of clearance allowing the pads to float slightly in the caliper is fine; if/when the backing starts to rust around the edges it wont bind in place. When you pull the brake on hard the pistons should grip the pads and stop any relative movement though.

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