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  • Chevin

    I have two hamsters that are in each caliper shouting at each other! With the bike in a stand they are silent, they don't shout all the time. There is no regular pattern. They can be silent (bliss!)especially after braking, and then they start a small squeeking contest and then get get louder. It's almost as if the pads move closer and closer as I ride…is that possible? Could it be the the spring thing in between the pads is knackered? Its not a major problem but at times it bugs the hell out of me!

    Trying to sort those niggling little things while wife is watching X factor!



    Same noise on my wife's Boardman pro with Elixir Rs. I'd assumed there was too much fluid, so pushing the pistons out further, and hence causing the squeal. As it's the wife's bike I haven't checked properly though yet 🙂


    Could be as the fluid heats up?
    The clearance is especially tight between pads and rotor (or should be if youre running a short pull) and obviously they are self adjusting. I find mine silent when riding, but if i get off and rock the bike back and forth by hand, it squeals a little, but that seems to be avids for you. Never really bothered me.


    fine in the stand but not on the trail?

    Theres other things that can make a brand new brake seem poor surrounded by older kit such as:

    at the rear:

    lack of facing on the frame.

    a poor bracket used (im thinking those cheap steel brackets that pop up on peoples bikes from time to time – ive seen problems solved once they have been replaced by a quality bracket)

    a cup and cone hub with play in it.

    a sealed bearing hub with worn bearings.

    a hub that is a bit on the skimpy side that can flex around under hard use.

    at the front:
    same hub probs and the lack of facing.

    legs moving independently under hard cornering with more body weight up front? (more so on usd forks perhaps? not quite sure)

    bigger diameter rotors up front showing up the problems a little more so than the smaller ones used on the rear (picture the deflection at a radius of 80mm compared to a radius of around 100mm – if a rotor rubbed the pads at 80mm then its going to piss you off if its a further 20mm from the centre of the hub if you upgraded to bigger discs!).more so with cheaper cup and coned hubs.

    All new brakes when fitted correctly run sweet.i cant think of a certain brake out there that consistently runs poor out of the box from new.they test them and put them into production and they all perform really well

    ..when fitted correctly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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