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  • mk1fan

    Air in the system. They need a bleed. Elixir's are a biatch to bleed. No matter how many vacums you pull there's always a little bubble hiding in the lever.

    Make sure the pad contact adjuster is wound all the way 'out'.

    They're a lot more faffy than Juicy's.


    Looking for answer on why brake lever goes back to bars then fixes itself:-

    It was the front brake (but I guess it could just have easily have been the other one)

    Lever action fine on ride, finish ride hang bike up (upright) in garage.
    Next day get bike down pull lever and it goes all the way back to the grip, no evidence of any fluid loss. Tried pumping the lever but has no effect.
    Flip bike upside down and remove pads, there only partially worn, pushed the pistons back and fitted new pads but the gap was to tight for the disk to go back in. At this point I considered letting some fluid out but then decided to refit the old pads, returned bike upright and hey the lever action was as it should be..

    Test ride and all good and no problems at Afan the day after.

    So does anybody have any idea on what might have been the cause? not to keen on it happening on a ride for obvious reasons.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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