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  • dogbert

    What are people paying on average a year for gas and leccy?

    I’m in an average 3 bed semi and I got a letter from my provider yesterday asking me to up my direct debit an extra 7 quid for gas and 20 quid for electricity each month. I’m already paying £2400 a year as it is.

    Checked on the Money Supermarket website and I seem o be paying an awful lot……whats the average people are paying?

    don simon

    The last figures I saw issued by the BBC was about 1300GBP per household. No idea how they arrived at that though.
    Looks like you’ve got a nice big house. 😀

    Premier Icon miketually

    That seems rather a lot.

    We pay £112 a month on DD for gas and electric with nPower. 1920s 3 bed semi with 2 adults and 2 kids (6 and 8). New combi boiler and low energy bulbs throughout but the double glazing has seen better days, we need to better insulate and the heating’s on more than I’d like, plus we’re all in during the school holidays so use more then.

    Edit: Next door’s empty most of the time, so we probably lose some heat out of the adjoining wall and the house has a stupid 35′ long extension of the back, which has 85′ of uninsulated external wall.


    New combi boiler and low energy bulbs throughout but the double glazing has seen better days, we need to better insulate and the heating’s on more than I’d like, plus we’re all in during the school holidays so use more then.

    Sounds about the same as us, not a mansion but a bit bigger than a new build. No kids, so the wife an I are out at work through the week, boiler is 6 months old, heatings on for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night, average amount of electrical gubbins and low energy bulbs mostly, a few spotlight thingys. Half the house isn’t even heated (2 sets of stairs at its got a big extension which is the part we live in……ooh la la) so we’re only heating/using electricity in half a house

    don simon

    The other half of the equation is insulation. Are you heating the house or the garden?


    Insulation is fine although like most houses I’m sure it could be better, Scottish Hydro are about to get told to ram it, I’ve put exact figures into Money Supermarket and everyone including themselves is coming up with an average of £1400 a year


    Currently paying £90 per month for gas/elec in a 4 bed detached – the two of us, no kids.
    We’ve massively improved the insulation in the loft & fitted more effective radiators so shouldn’t have the heating working so hard this winter.


    Im in a new build 2 bed semi, live on my own, except when my daughter is here at weekends. £58 per month DD for both both with Scottish Power, but I do expect it to go up after the winter. The last week I have had to turn my heating off as its very mild at the moment!


    Our DD for gas and lec is £109 a month (npower – changed tariff recently to the lowest they had – still dearer than the previous one though) and I reckon that, give or take a couple of hundred over the year this ought to cover us. 3 bed detached, 1920s solid walls, and chuffing cold last winter before new boiler and rads.

    Also have a multifuel burner in lounge which takes the edge off but still need C/H too when it gets colder.

    3 bed terraced house and we pay £70/month all in.

    Premier Icon convert

    That sounds a hell of a lot to me.

    1940s 3bed semi – just the 2 adults. Electric shower & cooker, on demand hot water elsewhere from quite an old boiler (not condenser). Heating on for a couple of hours in the morning & 4 in the evening but set to 16deg in the hall which is about 18 in the rooms – its not for most of the time set at that temp. Wood burning stove in the living room on most evenings from Nov to March which lifts the temp up to 21-22deg in there.

    £500pa on electricity
    £350-400pa on bottled gas- much more expensive than mains gas which we are nowhere near.
    £150pa on wood and a bit of coal.


    so as I’m currently paying £200 a month, it’s fair to say I seem to be getting shafted right royally

    I pay £20 pcm for gas and £18 pcm for elec, then Im a tight bugger .
    2 bed flat in a converted house . Combi boiler, DG throughout.
    I spend more time at work than I do at home, plus I refuse to heat the house for 12 mins I am there in the mornings. So only heat for 4 -5 hours in the evenings . No, its not damp or cold .

    Premier Icon convert

    so as I’m currently paying £200 a month, it’s fair to say I seem to be getting shafted right royally

    Maybe, or it could be you use more than average. Every degree of thermostat setting makes a big difference as does heating rooms that are not used, lighting your house up like a Christmas tree 24hrs a day, leaving computers constantly on etc etc. I bought an owl energy monitor which is quite insightful how you use your electricity.



    After finally being able to log in to their website, taking a meter reading and checking my usage I Have found that I have used 2060 units according to their webiste) since Decemeber last year…..according to my last bill, they’ve said I used 2002 between July and September

    Can’t check Electricity because their website is having a flakeout and according to their website I only take Gas from them and no leccy, even though I’m paying for it

    An angry phone call tomorrow will take place

    *Edit* My maths were completely wrong, doesn’t stop me thinking i’m getting humped though

    Gas meters are not in KWH , they are volumetric.
    Need to know if its M3 or CuFt.
    Then there is a simple equation to convert using calorfic value of gas


    3p a unit sounds cheap but I’m no expert. Our Economy 7 rate is more than that and we also have a standing charge every day but presume not all tariffs have a standing charge…?

    Ignore me, being a div, you’re talking about gas aren’t you *rolls eyes*


    so as I’m currently paying £200 a month, it’s fair to say I seem to be getting shafted right royally

    that would be the big winter quarterly gas bill in my badly insulated 2 bed terrace. but then i grew up with no heating and happily wear a jumper indoors, it’s only been on intermittently this year. thermo at 17-17.5 from about 4pm-10pm but if im in the house and t feels a bit cold i’ll put it on. amazed at how much people spend heating their homes.
    visiting 22° houses in the winter puts me to sleep as it’s so stuffy.

    Or stick the numbers into an online calculator


    £886 if its M3 meter
    £2280 if the readings are Cuft
    This is for a Surrey Post Code
    Have you not heard of Uswitch ? , you will need some meter readings to get the best tarrifs as some are based on consumption.
    Off to make a Lasagne


    Cheers everyone, tries the gas meter conversion and it’s gave me the figures I need. Money Supermarket states that I should be paying about £1500 a year, almost a grand less than I am paying


    Actually, I want to say a BIG thanks to everyone, I’m useless with this kind of thing and would have done my usual of curling up into a ball and wishing it would all just go away…….I believe I may have MTFU’d

    So thank you to the hive mind

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I live in a 1896-built end terrace with the gable end wall being two layers of brick with no gap, so no chance of getting it insulated 🙁
    Had new windows and doors fitted 2yrs ago along with a new combi boiler and shower. I live alone (at the moment) and my combined bills are £58 per month and i seem to be in credit.

    Having said that, i only run the heating to 18 degrees C and don’t mind wearing another layer!

    I was with nPower for my electricity from when they took over from Yorkshire Electricity. Got the annual renewal notice in about June, they wanted to take £96 a month for leccy alone.

    I switched to British Gas.

    Even though their prices went up by what 15% in August, I’m still paying less than half of what nPower wanted. This month’s bill was £43. It varies from month to month depending on usage, but I can see it going up a little for Dec through to Feb, then coming down as the nights get shorter.

    Gas is £80 a month spread over the year, and despite shopping around, I can’t get it much cheaper. Maybe £7/month saving if I switch tariff at best.

    mrs_drummer is going to have to get used to wearing a coat indoors 😈

    Premier Icon mattstreet

    Sounds like you’ve got a handle on it now and I’d agree you’re overpaying by about 1k pa. You may find you’ve got a decent amount of credit built up!.

    If you decide to switch supplier, remember to use Quidco/MSE/similar as you can get a nice bit of cashback.


    muddydwarf – Member
    I live in a 1896-built end terrace with the gable end wall being two layers of brick with no gap, so no chance of getting it insulated

    I work for a company that insulates solid walled houses.
    It’s not as difficult as people think.
    Cavity wall insulation isn’t the only (or even the best) option.

    Email me if you need any information ? Nealglover@gmail.com

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Big-ish, 8 year old, 4 bed semi, Highlands, all electricity and £2800

    don simon

    Muddydwarf- Have a look around but there’s some NASA developed insulation available that could help that is supposed to be very good.


    Less than £20/month electricity (not bad for a family of three). No gas but a bit of free wood in Winter, about 2m3 for the whole Winter.

    Muddydwarf. The µ of hollow bricks is 0.4 and plaster 0.8 so if your wall is 20cm thick and there’s a cm of plaster your wall is:

    0.2/0.4 = R = 0.5 for the bricks
    0.01/0.8 = R = 0.0125 for the plaster
    Total wall, R = 0.5125

    That’s not good and can be significantly improved with not much thickness of insulation. The NASA type stuff is layers of aluminium, polythene (a really excellent insulator) and polyester fibre. Only 30mm + 10mm plasterboard has R = 2+. It’s not very ecological though. 20mm of wood with a 10mm air gap will add R = 0.5. So, you can cut heat loss by half with wood or by 80% with more sophisticated insulator whilst losing only 40mm of inside space.


    3 bed 1870 old semi in the SE, all electric £1140.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    mTFU.. love it o have only two customers who actively monitoer thier gas and electric usage.. meter readings each week.. one is so anal that if i turn the boiler stat up he calls me asking why he is using more gas..

    the best way is measure every day for a month that will give a lear picture of what your using and then who can best meet your expectations re price.. be warned though changing is not quick.. we changed on the 1st of september and the gas still has transffered supplier..


    I pay about £250+ per month in winter, although I live in a house which was designed to waste energy 🙂

    2,500ft of rooms with 15ft ceilings and 10ft windows. It was built some time around 1800 and the last people to renovate it clearly owned a warehouse full of ceiling spot lamps, since i have somewhere in the region of 100 around the **** place.

    I’ve got a nice new combo boiler and I still need all 5 radiators in the lounge on in winter.

    £20 on gas.
    £30 on electric per month.

    Only use gas for showers and washing up and if I am feeling particualy rich then I might put the heating on.


    I’ve just checked and I appear to be paying £56 for gas and £72 for elec per month (£1536 per year) for a 4 bed detached house.


    We use about 10,500kwh of electricity/year and currently pay £100/month. I do work from home though and have 2 x servers running 24×7 which accounts for about 400w constantly. Tyring out an old Mac Mini as a replacement for one of the servers this week and if it works should save about £10/month.
    Also looking for some suitable LED downlighters as we have about 50 in the house some of which are on a lot.
    Having PV installed right now and this should save about 2500Kwh/year.
    Heating is oil and we use about 1500-2000l/year. An 8kw stove has helped massively on the amount of oil we use. I’d like to replace another open fire with an inset stove as well as I think they’re fab.
    House is a biggish 5 bed detached built in the ’50s. Double glazed and had cavity insulation fitted.


    We moved into a big 3 bed 1890 terrace in may with silly high ceilings. we have a 3 yr old and a 4 month old and an OH thats “always cold”. I am paying 20-22 pound a week on gas (heating on for 4 hrs a day that I know of) and maybe 10 pound on elecy. We have the prepay meters (i like them) Not looking forward to when it gets really cold. The loft has more padding than I care to think about but the walls are solid so suck heat out. Our bathroom is in an extension off the kitchen so bit of a dash to living room when jumping out of shower. No double glazing on the back except in kitchen.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    2 bedroom new build flat on the top floor. Electricity only. £60 a month fixed DD with npower which covers our use and always leaves us a little bit in credit whenever we give a meter reading.


    3 bed 1950s end terrace. Me and OH, no kids. Cheap/nasty [but allegedly efficient]combi boiler and gas hob. ES bulbs all round, heating on for 2 hours in AM at this time of year, 4 hrs in PM. No cavity insulation [steel frame build, can’t be done apparently], double glazed, two roofs [1 flat original, 1 pitched bolted on] well insulated loft.

    We’re getting TRVs fitted next week, plumber reckons they make a big difference.

    £57 Gas, £44 Leccy p/m

    We usually find ourselves in credit slightly by spring

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