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    After persevering with my 2013 Fox 34’s I finally decided to give the Avalanche damper replacment a go. I was close to going for the 2014 upgrade from Fox but their Australian service department is similar to a black hole currently and had no idea how long it would take to get back.

    Bounced a few e-mails to Craig and ended up going for the standard Enduro spec damper cause it sounded way cooler as the spec sounded right.

    About 4 weeks later a nice little package arrived (after a confirmation that it had been posted) got the oil sorted and set to in the garage with the highly complex task of fitting the new thing. If you can do a lower service you can do this. The only tricky bit was getting the bottom out bumper out due to not having the right kind of coat hanger.

    Once back together I managed a short ride up and down the street to check it wasn’t going to explode then it was packed up for holidays.

    Out the bag and put together in Rotorua it was unleashed on the trails for 11 days of riding.

    From the start it retains all the plushness that Fox normally has with a great small bump feeling, like riding with butter up front 🙂 The rest of the feel was a long way from the old CTD, I never used the modes on the fork so it was no issue not having them their. It’s cured the using too much travel issue completely, it’s definitely firmer in the mid stroke and handles the repeat hits really well. I’d like to say I investigated the range of adjustment but really there was no need, I went 1 click of rebound and 1 LSC from suggested and it was perfect. Manged about 330 km and what should be close to 10km of descent over the time out there ranging from mellow XC trails to bits of the Oceania DH course and some super steep and techy trails with some flowy jumpy stuff in the mix too.

    Still to try a set of pikes for comparison but this certainly provides another option for converting what is a really good fork chassis into something more.

    I reckon with a few more months I might make some small mods as I get used to it but a really good solid damper. I have some basic Boxxers to be put on my DH frame so they might get the upgrade route too based on this experience.
    Paid $427 + some reasonable postage – no import fee’s here in Oz either.

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