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  • GhostRider

    Hello to STW,

    My name is Ghostrider and I have avid juicy 7 brakes.

    They were so stoppy and shinny when they were new but now they are sticky and dull, actually one piston on each caliper is totally jammed.

    More than one bike shop man has advised “alternative manufacturers” due to maintenance woes of Avid brakes.

    Having tried to extract pistons myself, and failing, i am now getting to the big decision – replace, but the thing that bugs me is that the J7 levers are fine, the hoses are fine, i have an Avid bleed kit and two sets of almost new avid pads, so i have a few niggling questions that need answered,

    – Can i use Avid J7 levers with Shimano (or anybody elses) calipers ?
    – Why not ? is it a hydraulic mechanics pressure / volume / thing ?
    – Can i use Avid J7 levers with newer Avid brake calipers, this probably doesn’t matter as i don’t think you can purchase avid calipers on their own.

    To retain the J7’s and resolve this through the the bike shop man would cost approx £100 maybe more, new brakes Front and Rear from Chain Reaction Cycles would cost just a bit more.

    Bottom line is this, ignoring the initial cost of the brakes and the possible bike shop fix costs, i’m into these puppies for about £60 so do i keep the Avids or bite the bullet and buy something more trail / muck / home fix friendly.

    I think i know the answer, just don’t want to accept it.

    My advice, if you have avid brakes look after them from the start….

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I hate Avid brakes – they’re shite

    Ex juicy owner here.

    You can spend your spare time getting them perfect (or cash in an lbs). Or you may have better things to do.

    Me – I sold them – got some SLX’s and XT’s on all my bikes and also the missus’es. 100 times more fit and forget. When they fail (and they do!) it’s usually a simple case of £25 for a new caliper. Or a bleed kit for £5 from ebay.

    I’m not saying they are perfect. Just more trustworthy.

    YMMV etc.


    I have an idea. Give the brakes to me and go spend your money on some others.

    Or you could try releasing the stuck pistons by removing the pads, clamping the good piston in place and giving the lever a good squeeze. Dont go too nuts but it should come free eventually.

    If that doesnt work then if its a w piece caliper, pull it apart and try pussing the piston back in a tiny bit at a time. I had the same problem with some juicy 5’s and the above worked.

    If I’m telling you how to suck eggs I apologise.


    Avid brakes are shite


    Had a set of elixers briefly, they didnt like the manky days out. Levers became sticky (not springing back out) pissed me off no end. Punted them and returned to my oros which have been flawless over 2.5 years and not needed a single bleed. Their ridden a couple of times a week!
    Conclusion IMO: Avid – $hit, Formula – everytime


    flow – Member
    Avid brakes are shite

    Agreed. You’re lucky to have someone offer to take them off you. I wouldn’t.


    shameless hijack
    3.5’s for sale complete set with loooong hoses. pads included
    £60 posted
    rotor options if need be.

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