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  • Jamie

    A) Fit a mudguard/more layers of clothing.

    B) Aldi £5 gloves. They are sweaty, but toasty.

    Premier Icon variflex

    Will be sticking some Spec Storms or Trailrakers back on when it gets a bit wetter than it is now.

    Stock up on brake pads…uberbike this year and GT85 off flebay.

    Dig out the long bibs once we get down to less than 5 degrees or so.
    Use a mix of long sleeved jerseys and gillet for dry but cold days down to almost zero.

    Already dug out the MT500 baggies.

    Gore phantom and mix of short sleeved and long sleeved baselayer for below zero or blustery mixed weather (showers and windy days)

    Baselayer and full waterproof for snow/icey weather and very wet days.

    Just ordered Altura Attack shorts to try this winter and Endura’s windstopper long sleeved jersey. Will also try Howies active shell too coz @ £30 from Wiggle it would be good to have more than one windstopper jacket now I ride at least 3 times a week. Washing a gore jacket 2 or 3 times a week takes its toll on the fabric.

    All depends I guess on where you ride and whether you feel the cold much or not. Hands and feet are always the biggest problems.

    Used Castelli neopreem (sp?) gloves last winter which are super warm but once you take off (say pub stop) they are all wet and cold to put back on again.

    MW81 winter boots are VERY good and definitely worth the money once we get really cold and wet.

    Premier Icon iainc

    decent mudguards, Bib Longs, Waterproof shorts, decent base layers, Endura Stealth, warm gloves, a buff, warm socks, Defroster boots 1 size up………………….. and for the really cold manky days, I just bought this, to ride in circles indoors on the track 🙂


    MTB, not much really. Leg warmers, a buff, merino base and think merino socks. And tyre change too depending on where I’m riding. TBH I didn’t ride it much last winter as I really couldn’t be bothered with the mud.

    Road. Get out the winter bike with proper SKS chromoplastic guard, GP 4 season tyres, and swiss stop salmon pads. Some Endura overshoes, merino buff, base and socks, long bibs. Got a pair of the Craft lobster gloves with a removable inner liner and they are brilliant, probably my essential item for when it gets properly chilly.


    i was just wondering if anyone could share their winter bike and clothing preparations?
    what do you do to prepare for the cold and wet winter and what piece of riding clothing would you not do without when the weather turns?



    single speed, merino bit, buff, gloves

    Premier Icon binners

    Sealskins socks and gloves. Hipflask

    Premier Icon on and on

    I have couple of bikes for winter MTBing. the SS and the fatbike for this year.
    clothing – Woolie boolies, gore SO sloves, Helly Hensen base layers, Mavic inferno jacket and insulated bibs for anything from -7 to +5 C.

    +5 to 10 ish C I have thinner bib shorts with a wind proof soft shell , Scott free ride gloves.
    Oh – and a hip flask full of Jack Daniels Honey or a nice single malt

    LOVE riding in the cold 🙂

    Premier Icon dazh

    Road: Nice bike cleaned and stored away, mudguards, winter lights and mudguards fitted on the fixie commuter.

    MTB: Full-susser soon to be retired for the winter and the hardtail resurrected.

    Me: Merino base layer and leg warmers/tights are already in regular use (I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold)

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Mountainbike- nothing, essentially, if your bike can’t cope with winter use it’s not a proper mountain bike tbh. The bender fenders will get replaced with shockboards for really manky riding, winter downhill etc, and at some point the xc bike might get its ice spikers and a rear mudguard. But they’re all good to go really.

    Me- I’ll dig out my fleecy gillet and decathlon softshell, glacier gloves, and some head/ear warmy things.

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