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  • butcher

    Planning on a short jaunt for 3 or 4 days in the next few weeks. Nothing major. Hoping summer will hold out just a couple more weeks, but even then, the temps are dropping.

    Will be camping, so warmth is welcomed. Would something like the Alpkit Filo be a good choice, or should I just wear a sleeping bag…?


    Should’ve mentioned…it would be for off the bike, not on it. Light, packable and warm. And dry…

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    If you want it to be okay in the rain too get a synthetic insulated jacket rather than down. Down doesn’t work when its wet.

    Something like Mountain Equipment Citadel for something really warm, or a Rab Photon for something a bit thinner.

    If you run quite hot you might be okay in an insulated softshell such as Rab Baltoro Guide.

    I’d agree that a synthetic insulated jacket would probably be the ticket. I got a cracking deal on a Howies Whistler jacket for £50 from Wiggle a little while back which would be ideal but doubt they still have them in stock.

    I really rate Finisterre too (I’ve had one of their Bise gilets for donkeys and wear it loads) but unless you get lucky in the sale they’re quite pricy.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    For off the bike when touring, I usually just wear my waterproof over a warmer cycling zipped jacket, my dry spare baselayer and a woolly hat.

    I’ll be carrying those anyway, along a long sleeved mid layer, so it makes no sense (to me anyway) in carrying something just for putting the tent up or going to the pub.

    If I’m building a fire, I’ll pack a cheap waterproof or a supermarket zip up fleece in case of sparks!





    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    I’ve got a Marks & Sparks 😀 one with LOTS of holes in it.


    I’ve got an earlier version of the finnisterre jacket that sprocketjockey links to and it is THE BEST THING EVER. Very lightweight and very warm, and packs down reasonably small. It goes on all my bike tours, and I recently wore it for my summer holidays high up in the Arctic circle (not on a bike, on a ship). I got lucky and got mine in thesale for £60 a few years ago.

    Premier Icon jameso

    I have a Mtn Equipment primaloft jacket. 350g and packs down to the size of a large orange. Worn it when soaked through miles from home in winter and it’s saved my ass but it’s better as a spring/autumn off-bike camping jacket for bivi-spot relaxing.

    RS makes a fair point on sparks.. my ME jacket has a singed + patched sleeve. No probs, only cost £40.

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