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  • Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I’ve just bought another Tony Hawks on my own recommendation.

    Once Upon A Time In The West… Counrty.

    I want to know how he faired riding his bike into Ilfracombe with a pig under his arm.

    Less than £3 on AbeBooks! Charity shop prices delivered to your door. Can’t fault that.

    Premier Icon oomidamon

    On a musical note (sorry) Peter Hook’s books are great. If you’re into F1 I’d recommend Damon Hill and Mark Webber.


    Mo Mowlem.

    A very good read about an astonishing wonderful lady. A great insight into the Northern Ireland peace process too.

    +1 for First Light. Try ‘Hit the road Jac’, by Jacqui Furneaux – ‘older’ lady riding round the world on a motorcycle. Makes Ewan McGregor lok like the media tart that he is. Also ‘Jupiter’s Travels’ by Ted Simon – 70s trip round the world on a Triumph 500. ‘Hizzy’ by Steve Hislop quite good, too. Oh, and if you like 60s & 70s music, ‘White Bicycles’ by Joe Boyd.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    I like; indie music

    ive recently enjoyed john lydon and bez books.

    i liked even more, the slit’s viv albertines 2 autobiographies. very open, honest and personal, with a touch of humour too.

    and secondly,

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Biography rather than autobiog but Bird Lives by Ross Russell: the biography of Charlie Parker which is a pretty no-holds barred account of a man with talent and also problems, in a hostile environment for someone who isn’t white. should get it to read again on my kobo for the holidays, it’s been 20yrs since I last read it. If you like things like the Ozzy biog then you’d probably enjoy this too.

    I read French revolutions but gave me the impression that the author is a ****. Graham Obree’s book is one of the best bike rider books.

    Premier Icon DezB

    It goes from utter lunacy to being very poignant, very quickly. Very much a book of two halves

    Interesting. I think it was the same book, but I didn’t get to the 2nd half it was so badly written.
    Agree with the Frank Skinner one (must be quite an old book now) and Danny Baker’s are hilarious, if you like Danny Baker.

    Oh yes, the one sadexpunk posted is brill if you’re from that era. I lost my copy when a woman I dated borrowed it and lent me the Paula Yates one. The woman made me late for a gig once, so I am stuck with the Paula Yates book. True story 😆

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    Far and away, the most entertaining and memorable autobiography I’ve ever read is ‘The Moon’s A balloon’ by David Niven. It takes you back to the heydays of Hollywood and is brilliantly written, brutally honest and very, very funny.


    In a cycling vein, I found Tyler Hamilton’s autobiography to be good. Very informative about how pro cycling was not too long ago, and things like how much weight they aim to lose etc is fascinating. David Millar’s was also pretty good

    Premier Icon metalheart

    +1 for Viv Albertine (need to get vol 2, thanks for the reminder).

    I also liked Kim Gordon’s book (Girl in a Band).

    How about Busy Philipps This will only hurt a little?

    +1 for Secret Race (even if it is lining a dopers pockets) knocks Millars into a cocket hat (he didn’t have the balls to break the omertà so **** him!).

    Joe Browns The Hard Years was enjoyable.

    I also liked Bob Dylan’s Chronicles (hardly indie though)


    Spike Milligan … Adolf Hitler My Part in his Downfall /all his war Memoirs


    Unreliable Memoirs by Clive James was hugely funny and irreverent. Published in the 80’s but will definitely put a big smile on your face.

    Currently reading Mark Beaumont’s ‘Around the World in 80 days’ which is a fascinating insight to a herculean and highly improbable objective, and the sheer focus, tenacity and balls to undertake what most people would consider as sheer lunacy.

    Premier Icon slackalice

    Autobiographical in a fictional sense would be Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. A fantastic immersive read.

    Laurent Fignon – We were young and carefree
    John Lydon – Anger is an energy

    Premier Icon northernsoul

    OH recommends The Worst Journey In The World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard (documenting the trip to the Antarctic to find Scott’s body).

    I read French revolutions but gave me the impression that the author is a ****.

    He really, really isn’t.

    A top bloke.


    Great stuff, thanks all. Moby looks a good call.

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