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  • Jamie

    Signed up couple of weeks ago. Hope to never use them, but seem to get universal approval across the web.


    Been with them years, and used them a few times. Always been problem-free, you just need to be able to pay for the recovery or repair at the time before reclaiming it back. This usually takes a week or two to arrive.

    Though saying that, one time I used them and the recovery driver said it had been paid direct by Autoaid, not sure what happened there.

    Recommended, especially for £35 a year.


    Yup had it for a few years and used twice (old Ford Focus decided to immobilise itself from time to time), problem free, help was quick to arrive. All good really.


    used them for years
    works like a dream (motorbike and car) you just ring their hotline (just like AA) and they sort everything. the only difference is that you pay the recovery guys then submit a claim form (like work expenses)
    the cost has stayed roughly the same for the last 6 years, mainly because it is a perfect business model in my eyes.


    Anyone from the SW world in it? If so your thoughts & experiences please.

    Thanks in anticipation

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Joined this year and had the misfortune to need them once already – can’t fault it – I got the money back within about 2 weeks of submitting the claim – paid on a credit card so the money arrived from Autoaid before I needed to pay the Visa

    Be aware that they cover the driver for any car rather than the car for any driver


    Many thanks gents…just what I wanted to know.


    Been with them for two yrs no probs with the one claim I had.


    absolutely brilliant – used them a fair bit over the last decade or so.

    Used for 3 years and claimed once – as above absolutely no hassles at all, and it’s no hardship for me to carry an empty credit card in my wallet (the wife is a different matter, but that’s her bad luck if she breaks down on the way back from shopping 🙂 ). Sufficiently pleased that despite finding out that I have some sort of breakdown cover through a work life insurance bundled something or other, I’m still inclined to send £39 AutoAid’s way to avoid any grief.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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