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    In tradition of recommend what you’ve got.

    Some Tannoy Revolution DC6 Signature, really good sound, look great and I found them at a bargain price – what’s not to like.

    They do need a bit of oomph to drive them but my amp seems to cope.

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    I guess a streaming amp and speakers will be what I get.

    Bluesound Powernode + decent bookshelf spks?

    I have the Node 2i and it’s a great bit of kit. If I was after a one box amp/streamer then that’s gotta be on the list.

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    Ah the old demo somthing crap then something decent that you need to sell trick… 😉

    when I worked for the UK distributor we made boxes up using their enclosure designs.

    right up there with some of the top PA kit that cost £££

    way more fun than anything to be found in Ritcher Sowndz. even with mains cables….

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    Hifi is like a fart

    Everyone is super proud of their own.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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