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  • craigxxl

    Aux belt, warn pulley/ tensioner

    Aye, I’m thinking along the lines of that. Maybe take the belt off again and have a real good go at the pulleys to see if I can spot a duff one.


    Turn the radio up

    You have the same view on car maintenance as my wife…

    Sound quality isn’t all that good, but you can hear the noise just as we slow down to pull up behind the Ka. It sounds like a pulley of some sort rattling on a knackered bearing, but so far everything I’ve looked for has drawn a blank.
    Had the clutch replaced, transfer boxes rebuilt, and gearbox oil changed, but as it happens whether the clutch is in or out, whether the car is moving or not, I’m thinking it’s engine-side rather than gearbox-side. It tends to disappear at anything above 1500rpm, so coasting to a stop, idling, etc. is when it happens. All the pulleys I’ve checked are good, so I’m stumped now. Don’t want to spend an unknown amount of money tracing the issue if someone on here knows what I should be looking for.
    Doesn’t appear to affect the driving of the car, all gear changes are smooth, no decrease in performance, just a god-awful noise that is getting to be REALLY embarrassing when idling at traffic lights in the middle of town.

    Any suggestions appreciated, cos if it goes on for much longer I’ll be torching the blasted thing.


    Just wait until something drops off, then you’ll be sure. Used to work with my Land Rover.

    Haven’t listened to the video but take the aux drive belt off and start the engine (it’ll run fine for a few minutes for testing purposes) and see if the noise disappears. If it goes then you’ll know roughly where to start, if not then start looking somewhere else…


    You’ve tried stopping the engine and coasting to a stop?

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    Alternator pulley bearings or air con system got no gas in it causing worn bearings in air con pump? Driveshaft/Prop shaft support bearing worn? Like any bearing only takes a fraction of a mm for horrendous noises to develop!


    Aircon compressor bearings. Take the belt off (or cut it as I did!) and see if it’ quieter.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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