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    Are you pleased with your forks, and which model and year are you running? I’m looking into getting some to replace some ’06 66RCX2s which never quite felt right and weigh a ton. They’ll be used on an ’08 Patriot. Reliability and their affect on the bottom bracket height and head angle are my main concerns. I’m assuming they’re stiff, plush and not quite as heavy as 66s. Thanks for any help.


    Totems are a superb fork … period, I believe the axle/crown measurement is 565mm, same as the 66 so it will not affect geometry.
    Btw I have a as new pair of 09 Totem coils in white (very rare), they have genuinely only done 2 hrs riding, no marks whatsoever, come boxed with instuctions, speed lube kit etc .. email(in profile) if interested

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    Coils from a couple of years ago. Superb. Stiff and plush. Use them on this:

    Speed lube is great. My seals need replacing but I left if unused for about 2 months while I worked out a way of getting it over here and I think they dried out too much (my parents might have moved it next to the radiator…)

    One of the local guys has just bought a set and they’re not quite as plush as mine, guess they take a bit of time to break in although I can’t remember mine being like that.


    love my totems. got a new bike recently with totem solo air forks but didnt fit them as i put my coils on. so have a brand new, not cut down, fork for say £450 plus postage if you want


    I have a pair of 2007 coil Totems. I like them but they’re not without their faults. The seals didn’t last particularly long and leaked quite badly but upgraded seals appear to have cured this. I think all the 2008 and onwards forks have the upgrade.
    They can be quite spikey in action and are definitely not as smooth through their travel as coil 66’s. It’s a similar feel I got when riding Pikes so probably just a Rockshox trait. They’re going for another service next week so I’m going to try a softer spring to see if that improves the feel.
    They are lighter than 66’s. I think my coil Totems are about the same weight as the air Marzocchi’s.


    Cheers for this feedback – more or less what I expected. Got my eye on some new coil Totems from overseas, so won’t be taking up the offers, but thanks a lot anyway.

    Blackshaw and peakprowler – if your forks are still for sale could you drop me an email, my address: innerhavenATgooglemailDOTcom


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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