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  • pjt201

    got up this morning to find my two bikes at the back of the garden locked together and the eyebolt i lock them to destroyed! they must have got disturbed or something. pretty scary though as i live in a terraced house in the middle of the row with terraced houses behind so they must have come through quite a few gardens to get them! gonna have to up my security i think!

    ideally i’d keep them inside, but my flat is tiny and rented! might barbed wire my garden fence as i reckon they’ve seen me riding them and targeted the house and therefore will be back.

    Premier Icon steveh

    Flat might be small but your right they’ll probably be back, keep them inside for a while at least.


    One word – Landmines.


    Seriously though – Glad you’ve still got your bikes….!

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Hook them up to the mains (not legal but will discourage the scrotes for life)!


    yeah, i think a couple of weeks indoors will do them good. have already ordered a bfo ground anchor and hardened welded chain.


    Planks with nails hammered through under the wall (optionally covered in shit).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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