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  • Hey all

    Thinking about spending a week in Morocco over Christmas. We’ve already been to Marrakesh so this time I’d like to get up into the mountains. Any recommendations for places to stay/visit/ride/walk?

    Undecided whether I would take my bike, probably not on this occasion, mainly because I expect lots of the trails will be snowy!



    Cheers for the reply rick, that place does look nice and has been recommended by others too

    I’m looking at a house in the mountains to hire for a whole week, sounds pretty awesome but maybe a bit to much time to spend in one place.

    We’re mainly looking to chill out for a bit and do the odd hike it excursion

    Anyone been out there at this time of year?

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    Stayed here back in April. Good place. Importantly, being French, they serve beer and wine.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Ourika (sp) valley is nice

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Good call Bedmaker, had an overnight on the Atlas Traverse bike trip, nice place, cosy and warm…

    Pete, I would call the Kasbah and ask about accommodation. Last time I was there they were building some family rooms, plus, they have a very good programme with the local community school as an education opportunity for young girls. Also they do a lot to help manage recycling and garbage in the village so I reckon they would be well connected to the locals. You may even get a stay with a family or similar….

    The owner is Mike McHugo. and is really helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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