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    how do you attach yours to your XC helmet?

    Ive had one of these cameras for a while and dont have a problem fitting it to the full-face but having problems on the xc lid. Trying to get it pointed in the right direction and not wobble around is near impossible. How do you guys set it up? (extra points for ease of removal, ie. no gaffer tape!)


    I have one of the atc5k ones and on my old giro helmet i used the velcro strap. On my new spec helmt i have used some rubber and a bolt to hold it on.


    hmm. The mount that was supplied with mine still points it at a utterly useless angle and the velcro strap still leaves a fair amount of wobble, even when done up polystyrene-crushingly tight.

    Do you have any pics of your setup owen? or footage from it even?



    DONT do the strap up crushingly tight – I tightened mine slightly more than normal and the main attachment snapped on the first attempt, fortunately they sent me out a new one free.

    I find the stock attachment doesnt sit right on my Spesh helmet either, either too far up or down, but I can place it on the side fairly well. It does wobble though. I’m going to try some new methods soon, but I dont like the idea of bolts perpendicular to my bonce on impact – I can see this happening (not for the squeamish

    I have a couple of vids on Vimeo here though they were done with the Giro helmet.
    I did have to pack it out under the strap to get it secure.
    I was a little woried by the bolt but it sits right at the back of the helmet and not over my head.
    see the pics here

    Premier Icon Pook

    where did you get your replacement bits coffee?


    Yes, watch out for the bolts. This is what happened when I fell off.

    i use the velcro strap and then just shim underneath the front of the mount with rubber strips (either those provided, or the sort you get with lights) until the camera points in the right direction.

    I broke my mount (falling off one of the high north shore sections in Chatel bike park ehad first. Doh) and when I tried to buy a new one they didnt have any in stock so I guess its a weak point.

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