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  • Trimix

    Well, I went to school with myself. I was rich once and I am famous on account of a trail being named after me recently.

    The trail goes downhill fast – there may be some hidden meaning there.

    Phil Greening the rugby player was the year above me at Chosen Hill School. Quite a few rugby players from there went on to play for the cherry+whites (GLOSSSSTERRRRRRRR!)

    I was cr@p at rugby 🙁



    I was cr@p at rugby

    You’re not really built for it, are you fella.

    Ooh, how could I forget, Sarah Bailey (now Storey) was a couple of years below me, and she won swimming gold at the Barcelona Paralympics and cycling gold at Beijing


    The wonderful Charles ‘chatshow’ Kennedy was leaving just as I was starting high school. Fort Willam man takes a drink, shocker!!!

    Also at school with the blonde one from the pair who do poofy interiors. Justin Ryan, is it?

    And the talented time triallist Jason McIntyre who was sadly killed on a training ride in Jan 08.

    Mum went to school with Ian Lavender.

    Premier Icon stufield

    Adam Woodyatt – Eastenders
    Nasser Hussain – England Cricket Captain
    Quinton Fortune – Man Utd

    Premier Icon stufield

    Oh and – Omar Sheikh was in the year above me, quite the international terroist now…


    My games teacher at Middle school was Sir Ian Mcgeechan the ex scottish international and British Lions coach.

    Suprisingly we had the best rugby team in the region and were unbeaten for 3 seasons.

    My son is in the same class as Gaynor Faye (off Corrie years ago and dancing on ice) daughter.


    Wow – I knew about Ian Brown but not the other Stone Roses. Also, I have it on good authority that Graham Brady MP is a Grade A C0ck

    Paul Allott – Former Lancashire and England cricketer
    Graham Brady M.P. – Member of Parliament for Altrincham and Sale West from 1997.
    Ian Brown – Solo artist and former lead singer of the indie rock band The Stone Roses.
    Ronald Gow – dramatist, who returned to the school to teach in the 1920s
    Steve Jackson – Co-founder of Games Workshop and Lionhead
    Ian Livingstone – Executive Chairman of Eidos Interactive, co-founder of Games Workshop and publisher of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft
    John Squire – Former guitarist of the indie rock band The Stone Roses
    James Clark – Drummer for The Stone Roses
    Chris Jones – Former Manchester United fullback.



    Justin Ryan took me to a gay bar once 🙂


    One of my mates teachers was on the news for cutting up and hiding his partner. Does that make him famous?

    Anna B

    are you still in Halesowen????

    Not living there any more lunge, though I go back quite regularly to visit. Do you live there? Keep meaning to take my bike one time, so as I can experience the Walton downhill…

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    I think I can beat all the above.

    A quick search on Wikipedia reveals I went to the same school as :

    Blazin’ Squad

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