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    Hi, I have tried on a friends pair of Assos T F1.Mille S5 bib-shorts (regular), in size large, however they are much too small.  
    I am 178cm tall, weigh 95kg, 92cm waist, 114cm chest. (5’10”, 14st 7lb, 36″ waist, 44″ chest)
    The Assos sizing chart for a height of 178cm suggests I would require a size medium but as the large was way too small, I am wondering what size you would recommend I tried?  My Nike shorts are XXL and are not loose at all…  Should I try the XLG or the TIR? At well over £100, I’d like to get it right!!!
    Many thanks


    I’m 6ft 5, 97kg and wear the XLG’s. Id suggest you’d want those, best to try some on if you can.

    I’m a similar height but probably a size up in waist and chest and the XLG Mille fit me fine. You may be ok in an XL as the Mille are a slightly more relaxed fit I think, but a TIR would definitely be too big. As above, try some on if possible or buy from somewhere online with easy returns.

    Assos sizing does come up small. Im 6ft 2 and weigh 72 kg and large fits me alright. I normally wear medium in most other cycling brands.

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    Thanks for the advice.
    I have ordered some XXL from Cycle Surgery but the race version (Assos T Fi.13 S5 Men’s Bib Shorts), that normally retail at £225 and they were knocking them out for £135.99!!!
    I’ll let you know how I get on with them.

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    You’re better off with DHB’s, Assos just aren’t cut to accommodate the more generously proportioned of us. The sizes increase by height not waist line apart from the TIR but that’s based on you being 6’4″ in the first place. Buying the Fi.13’s is a bad idea to – they’re even more tightly cut than the Unos (which are more tightly cut than the Milles), they’re also not designed as a long lasting high mileage short.

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    The F.I.13s are a tighter cut, so you may find that an issue.

    I’m 5’10”, 30″ waist, but clearly of ample thigh as I’m a large, and my F.I.13s are rather snug. Milles and Unos are more generously cut.

    You’ve ordered them now, try them when you get them, if they’re not right, send them back. Bear in mind the bib straps are on the short side when you’re off the bike so that they’re right when you’re on it.


    Dragging this one up from the past a bit

    Just recevied some F1 Uno in a size medium im 71kg and 178cm – right in the middle of the M size guide chart.

    The leg grippers are actually baggy around my thighs and the gripper is too low down and is actually on my knee cap and sitting right in the crack on the back of my knee. Gutted as they took bloody 7 days to get here from Evans.

    I now need to get shop to order in a size S – go try them swap them if they are ok if not they need returned via post as i used paypal. I knew i should have just ordered the Rapha ones which say im a Small on their guide.

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    I’m about an inch taller than you, very similar weight and my Unos are the shortest Assos shorts I own, and as said above, the large is pretty snug on my thighs, no chance with a medium!

    Perhaps I ought to start track racing 😕


    I must have short thighs and long shins.


    I knew i should have just ordered the Rapha ones which say im a Small on their guide.

    i have uno’s and mille’s but the rapha shorts are the most comfortable i have used, the fabric is very soft but seems to be hardwearing, just about to order another pair.

    I bought some Milles recently with the same problem, gripper was loose and too low. Hadn’t realised they come in two lengths, I swapped them for the regular length and they’re fine. You’re the same height/weight as men, sounds like you’ve got the long ones?

    Edited, got milles and unos mixed up 😳

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