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  • Asshats on bikes. And a face plant.
  • butcher

    So butcher, ok to drive through a red light?

    Absolutely not. It’s completely different. And if you can’t see that, it’s not worth discussing tbh. I will just revert you back to my previous example about pedestrians, and the fact that many cities across the world have already legalised left turns at red lights on bicycles. As already pointed out in this thread, Britain is sadly lagging behind when it comes to common sense.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Some of those red light jumps were really stupid. Others, not so much.


    Here in Germany people cycle everywhere. No one gets het up, or angry, or starts pointing fingers. It’s just another pedestrian on a bike out here.
    On reflection, it just makes complaining about

    bloody cyclists

    such a typically English trait. Not a good one like real ale or cream tea. More like reading the Daily Mail or complaining about the weather or the people on benefits in the five bedroom detached next door.
    It’s a bit disheartening that cyclists on a cycling forum, tut about these


    on bikes as they’re breaking the law, rather than asking why the law puts vulnerable road users in the traffic. I for one, wish the uk could be a bit more far sighted and adapt a more central european stance on cycling. It’s not a special club, it’s just someone on a bike.


    +1 for our continental friend here.

    Roads were built for bikes, take the power back etc etc.

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    The mystery filmmaker said his future videos wouldn’t just be about bad cycling, but also bad behavior by motorists and even pedestrians.

    I literally can’t wait. Literally.

    I used to commute where that faceplant was also past the minster.

    Over the years I’ve seen some really funny incidents.

    I’m with Butcher. York obviously has completely inadequate facilities for cyclists with impermeability increased by one way streets.

    People are making completely rational decisions to ride on the pavement , make their turns ahead of traffic trying to push past when it’s safe to do so and proceed carefully down one way streets etc etc.

    None if which should be illegal – in fact home office advice is that pavement cycling should not be penalised if not reckless. Traffic lights are only necessary because motor vehicles can’t negotiate. Peds and cyclists can. A left turn on red really isn’t an issue.

    Another near fatal with a skip truck in W12 this morning. Until there is safe Dutch quality infrastructure in place I’d support most of the riding this knob jockey objects to.

    Even without it we could enforce 20 and 30 zones as limits and not minimums.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    well said simons!!

    but that face plant is epic!

    The majority of the one way streets in the video are in York’s pedestrian zone. So depending on the time neither of them should be there.

    York has got pretty good facilities for cycling, not perfect though including a few cycle filters to avoid traffic lights (cycle lanes to the left of the lights to avoid the junctions)

    The main problems lies with the city walls. Alot of the gates only allow 1 direction of traffic at a time so at these points the traffic lights make sense. freedom of movement for cyclists and pedestrians would be excellent in the city walls, but with the volume of people there on a weekend down narrow streets makes cycling through useless you might as well get off and walk.

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    The jacket gets caught in the cyclist’s front wheel and he ends up performing a somersault on the busy street, before later getting up uninjured.

    Well shy of a full somersault. Maybe a quarter somersault.

    Also, no timescale on “later getting up uninjured”. Couple of weeks?

    I wonder if the film maker stopped to tell the lad who went OTB that it was his own fault.


    Must be a sad lonely man if he has time to sit down and put together such a pants and pointless video edit

    Premier Icon njee20

    It wasn’t pointless, did you see the epic faceplant!?


    Having lived in York on and off all my life, the only thing I can think of is that he can’t spend a lot of time on the road if that’s the best examples of bad cycling he can come up with.

    (Apart from the faceplate, which was incredible!)

    I used to drive in York 8 hours a day, and I could have made a feature length film every day 🙂

    And another for the cars and busses and lorries too !

    It’s an old city with narrow streets that weren’t designed for the volume of traffic, when it’s busy it gets messy.


    Ah thankfully I’m not in it! 🙂

    I wonder if the victim in this story was the guy who made the video?


    Fourbanger is my new hero! Perfect attitude my friend 🙂

    The quote from another poster that sums up my feelings is:

    mindmap3 – Member

    The guy who filmed it comes across as a sanctimonious knob jockey.

    Finally watched the faceplant – cracking. But still really see anything that would raise an eyebrow in the Netherlands (though you’d not need to ride on the pavement as there would be a safe facility).

    Matey would love this, witnessed today…..


    Self righteous arse trumpet
    He should pay attention to what he’s doing, not every other bugger
    I’ll bend his finger the wrong way
    ” cracking post 🙂

    IMO cities should be about people, not cars and I don’t see much to complain about here.

    Dissapointed not to see anyone wheelieing whilst ferrying the drugs, though. It is a dying art?

    No, still get that. Saw a kid doing it on a boris bike a few months back


    Makes me want to ride on the pavement and up one way streets, film it, and upload to Youtube titled “FYI careful cyclist trololololo”

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    ourbanger – Member
    Here in Germany people cycle everywhere. No one gets het up, or angry, or starts pointing fingers. It’s just another pedestrian on a bike out here.

    That may well be but I’ve been subject to a jolly good talking to in Germany for crossing the road between crossing points and when the green man wasn’t showing.


    Person on phone whilst cycling = person filming person on phone whilst cycling

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