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  • Asking supplier for discount code
  • poolman

    Is it considered bad form? I have bought a few q expensive things this year from an inde retailer. Prices are good but i feel my loyalty is not being appreciated….

    So i tried abandoning my basket yesterday and got an autogenerated email offering help, but not a discount code to tempt me back. Do i wait a day or so? Should i ask?

    Any other ideas? You guys are good shoppers


    I don’t think there’s anything wrong. I did it the other week, dropped them a quick email saying I’d bought a lot of stuff in the past and asked if they had any promotions running, as I’d not received a newsletter for a while. Got a response within minutes with a code for 15% off.

    Don’t ask, don’t get.

    Premier Icon wobbliscott

    No, not bad form at all. The price a retailer advertises constitutes an offer and is the start of a negotiation. You can always put forward a counter offer. They don’t have to accept it but no harm in asking.

    A mate of mine is embarrassing, he’ll try to barter everywhere and is fairly successful. Mostly he’ll only get a few percent, but sometimes he’ll get a good chunk off. He seems to get a thrill in not paying full price for anything. The key is to always be prepared to walk away.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    Prices are good but i feel my loyalty is not being appreciated….

    Are you actually loyal though or, as your post suggests, are they just well priced and convenient?

    If it’s the former you’d not consider shopping somewhere else for lack of a few % discount, you’d just but your stuff out of, well you know loyalty. It’s why football supporters don’t vanish into thin air everytime their club doesn’t win.

    If its the later be honest about it when you mail them.

    Nothing wrong in asking but don’t try convince them or yourself you’re doing them a favor.


    Ok thanks i ll ask and remind them what i have spent this year, maybe they are not tracking it. I prefer to support inde business and amazon are cheaper.

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