Ask STW- replacing a crappy garage door

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  • Ask STW- replacing a crappy garage door
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    We got our garage broken into, nothing taken as there’s a lot of interior security etc but it’s still bloody annoying… The garage door is basically just keeping the cats out, we don’t rely on it to stop theft but obviously if it was better it’d also prevent this sort of bullshit and having to nail stuff across a broken door at 4am in December.

    So, who knows about doors and that? We know nothing. It’s a combined window-and-door L shaped deal, thus: do door door door

    Brick to brick the door and frame is about 202×87 and the window is 108×63. That’s probably pretty standard since it’s a Wimpey house, I think the back door of the house is about the same. I’m thinking maybe bricking up the window and just getting a totally new security door and frame fitted might be the best option, it’d be a shame to lose the light but not that much…

    (it has a standard, rubbish front garage door but it’s blocked internally, so the only point of access is the door. Or, like through the roof or something but that’s not really what we’re worrying about)

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    UPVC door and window should sort that.


    That looks like my rear garage door (70’s wimpey house too).

    Our window is bricked up with a upvc external door. All feels pretty secure to us.


    There’s a bloke near my boss that has bars inside his garage window. They are actually just bits of painted dowel.

    Usually used pvc doors and windows kicking around on eBay/Faceboo/Gumtree.

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    Cheers folks- wasn’t sure if a standard UPVC door would cut it (which is daft, considering that’s what we have in the house, but the garage is unoccupied so I guess that puts me on edge.

    Like the idea of the “bars” 🙂

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    They pop suprisingly easily but very noisy though.


    Visible bars advertise that there’s something worth protecting, and they don’t add to “house-appeal” either. I’d still use bars, and an internal barred gate; the UPVC can then be cheap as you like and glazed top and bottom with obscuring glass for a bit more light

    A half glazed UPVC door and brick up the current window. Would make the door more secure having a proper bricked frame to be attached to and the half glazing would still allow light in and can be obscure glass so you can’t see clearly into it.

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    When we were having our new garage built, the builders were on about putting a steel plate over a upvc  door.

    I wasn’t really happy with that, in the end found this lot on the net

    Steel Security Doors

    It’s pretty plain looking, but very secure.

    I’d brick up the window.

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