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  • Arthuritis in my fingers
  • edward2000
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    Im beginning to get what i think is arthritis in my fingers. Its like a constant dull ache which is worse when my hands are cold. I also think my grip strength feels compromise. Any ideas on what medication or supplements i can take to relieve the discomfort?

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    I have it. I was referred to Versus Arthritis Charity by the consultant rheumatologist when I asked about supplements. There is so much conflicting advise out there, but Verus is my go to for well thought out advice.

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    @edward2000 – Have you had yourself checked for Heamachromatosis – arthritic finger joints are one of the symptoms.

    It’s genetically inherited condition where the body doesn’t regulate iron levels and over many years it increases and eventually causes issues in organs and joints. Caught early it’s not a biggie but left untreated can cause major issues in later life. I found I had it a few years back, it’s now under control via simple blood donations (the body depletes its iron stores to make new blood). I found out because my sister had it so I got tested. At the time (aged 44) I had no symptoms at all – except for some mild arthritis type symptoms in my hand that I’d just put down to ageing.

    The easiest test is a blood test, looking for level of iron – referred to as “SeFn”. Any doctor could arrange that, or even home test kids should give a rough idea.

    NHS info page link

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    Get it checked out, don’t just go with supplements etc.

    Also I love that right now, everyone on STW is dying to jump in and make jokes about the typo, but is having to wind it in because of the fingers thing.

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    Myself included 😂

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    I have Osteo arthritis in my hands and fgeet.  the symptoms you state sound about right. Do you have any deformation?  However get it checked because OA and Rheumatoid arthritis are different things with different treatments and it could be something else as above

    I haven’t found any supplementing to help.  some recommended ones made it worse

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    As above get it checked out. I have RA and that often starts out with issues in your hands. If it’s that you’ll need some sort of immune suppressants, supplements won’t help. Sooner its diagnosed the less damage will have been done before you reverse the issue

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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