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  • Arrow Wheels AGRS Road Gravel Hope Wheelset review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Arrow Wheels AGRS Road Gravel wheelset is on my Planet X Tempest, a bike I intended solely for gravel use, but over time I have found to lean more …

    By ben_haworth

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    Arrow Wheels AGRS Road Gravel Hope Wheelset review

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    6 month Arrow user here, bloody great wheelset. My riding is 60/40 road/gravel running 38-43mm Panaracer Gravelking SKs. Superb build quality, have the utmost confidence in them. Best ‘component’ upgrade yet.

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    These look ace! Any idea on weight for a pair in the same RS4/rim combo?

    arrow wheels matt
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    The wheels in the article are aound 1600g. Depending on spokes used they can be a bit lighter eg using Sapim.c-x ray spokes or Sapim d-light (under 1600g) but they will still retain their strength and reliability. Although weight is very important, I value reliability above all.
    Standard build uses DT Competition and we only use brass nipples (black or silver) from a reliability and service point of view.
    Drop me an e-mail if you need any more info


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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