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  • Dasha

    Are you an asthmatic!


    I get it now!

    Lance is the new Saddam.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    EPO, fair enough as Poly’s brother says but “steroids” is a bit of a catch-all term isn’t it ? Does anyone (that cares) know what he actually got and for how long ? (I’d be surprised if he’s had anabolic steroids as part of treatment, but quite likely had something like dexamethasone – I’d not expect any long-term benefits from that, or even mid-term really)

    Did he have both nadgers off? If so, I suppose he’ll be on testosterone but then there’s a maximum for that (someoneorother got done in the TdF for having too much didn’t they ?) and I wouldn’t push my luck if I’d had an androgen-responsive cancer (which his is likely to have been)


    In his book Armstrong said he was about to start on a conventional chemotherapy course when he got a call from an oncologist who followed cycling who said that this type of chemo could permanently damage his lungs. He subsequently underwent a chemotherapy regimen with this oncologist. That’s why his treatment was unusual. Regarding his fast recovery I think mental attitude has a lot to do with this- even in the depths of his treatment he was on his turbo trainer or out on his bike- being ovetaken by middle aged ladies at one point- this illustrates his determination to get better.

    Lets not forget that he got cancer when he was under contract to Cofidis. If his career in cycling had finished at that point the insurance he had with Cofidis would have kept him comfortable for the rest of his life. Therefore the decision to come back to cycling was high risk becuase it meant forfitting the Cofidis money. How many of us here would have risked financial security for a long shot at sporting greatness?

    it’s amazing how many of the TDF riders are asthmatic. ie: they have to use bronchiodilators.

    So many of them, it’s amazing that the asthma marketing board haven’t held them up as a great example of what you can do if you try.

    Not just cycling Brant- golden marathon girl Paula Radcliff puffs on the ventolin too.

    Also Alessandro Petachi was given a short ban and sacked by his team for having too much salbutamol in his blood so although asthma treatments are sanctioned its policed and they aren’t allowed to useperformance enhancing levels.


    There are many people who argue that Armstrong took PEDs but I’ve never heard anyone (apart from TJ) claim that it was from his cancer treatment. The idea that his success was due to “rebuilding” after cancer is an argument usually brought up by his fans.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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