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  • CrispyCSW

    Has anyone ridden either of these bridleways on Whaw Moor (red or blue options)? It’s just up from Langthwaite in case the map doesn’t show enough to get your bearings…

    What are they like as a descent / which one is better? I’m messing around with a route I want to ride down that way and both look tempting on the map.


    I have ridden these routes.
    I have ridden the red line heading west and it is a quite steep ascent-it is quite a wide well surfaced jeep track that would be very fast going down and over very quickly.
    The redline heading north is moorland singletrack which is nice in the dry or when frozen but best avoided if wet-it gets very boggy!
    The blue line heading west is a decsent (mainly) but very grassy/draggy and would be pedally even descending-again best avoided unless frozen or dry. However where this line joins the other bridleway next to where it says mine workings it is a nice descent which is grassy/gravelly in sections and is ok to ride at anytime. It is fast though and over very quickly.
    Hope this makes sense.


    Great, thanks for that Steve.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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