Argos – that good for respray or should I be looking elsewhere too?

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  • Argos – that good for respray or should I be looking elsewhere too?
  • JPcapel

    Its James – I read this post, thinking couldn't have summed up Argos paint job better – only to realise I think its me your quoting as having summed up Argos paint job in this way!!!!
    Think I've been told they usually do Road bikes – so not subject to same abuse….hence paint not fairing well on the forks I had done.
    But they did look stunning on day I picked them up, better than Rock Shox's own finish IMO.
    Hope someone else can offer subjective opinion for you…..
    heard me & Mr-many bikes – have acquired another each!!! going all slopestyle in Surrey Hills ..! or trying too.


    Get a local powdercoater to do it(see yellow pages) for £30 to £50 which will be more durable although not as beautifal as an argos finish.

    Premier Icon ransos

    I wouldn't use them for an MTB again – the finish is 1st class but it scratches too easily. They painted my old Breezer, which I had to cover in helicopter tape to protect it. For an everyday type bike then I second the recommendation for a powdercoater, I had a bike done a few years ago and the finish was tough as old boots.

    Premier Icon nim

    Hey James – You were my inside scoop on the subject!

    Yes heard about the slope style action and saw the pics too!

    Shame you weren't around last Sunday – decent ride – but gather you were living it up in your caravan?!

    Take care mate.


    anyone had experience with the tougher paint they recommend for dh bikes?

    I have had paint jobs done in the past (10 years ago) beautiful finnish but chipped realy easy on the road bikes

    But Peteproddy had his inbred done a while ago and it is holding together realy well and looks superb


    I had my nomad done, the finish was great new, but find it chips really really easily. I might be tempted to look elsewhere next time. They do a first class job, but i think it is more road bike orientated.

    Premier Icon nim

    Hi all.

    Am hearing differing reports re the quality of Argos paint jobs ie looks fantastic at first but not durable enough for an MTB?

    Any thoughts? An outfit nearer Herts/London would be ideal if anyone can suggest?



    Premier Icon Northwind

    Argos do beautiful work, but most paint just isn't the best option for mtb use, powdercoat makes more sense.


    One of my MTBs is in their gallery. Looks nice but not particularly durable – and this is a garage queen.

    Unless you want a fade or something fancy, powder is the way to go for durability, though some powder coaters can do fades as well now.

    Argos do seem to do lovely work, but powdercoating is the way to go…


    powder coating is vastly cheaper too, as a pro painter by trade i'd want more than £50 to paint a frame.


    My Nomad was repainted by Argos, apart from the normal rubs and scratches it still looks fresh.

    Premier Icon RRD

    My experience is similar to most.

    Great initial appearance but seems to "scuff" ie it's gloss/shine seems diminished pretty quickly. Also it seems to flake off in larger segments as opposed to chip off in smaller bits when stones chip it etc.


    That looks suspiciously like a location very close to The Ponderosa, peatsteve
    I miss the old route through the forest and out the other side.


    Depending on the finish you want, there might be better/cheaper.

    for example, a lot of the old school bmx community use a couple of guys who do top class work everytime, as they do it almost at a loss, for fun.

    Guys trust their valuable old school bikes, which will be older more worn, and possibly more susceptible to damage to these guys.

    Powdercoating seems preferable, for a hard wearing, long lasting coat, and I can find a thread on which has loads of photos.

    and (you might need to join up toaccess it) to see loads of refinished bikes including candycoats ect.

    Theres a couple of others I can find if your interested.

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