ARGH! How do I stop myself buying bits I don't need!?

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  • ARGH! How do I stop myself buying bits I don't need!?
  • PeterPoddy

    Stop looking?
    Grow up?
    Get real?
    Realise it’s all Marketing?


    Premier Icon nedrapier

    A good one I’ve found recently is to write a list or save an excel spreadsheet with all the things you fancy impulse buying, so you can budget them into next month. Means you can prioritise your spending.

    And the chances are, when you look at the list next time round, or after payday, you’ll look at most of them and realuise you don’t need or even want them that much. Specially if there are LOADS of things on the list.

    Bit like counting to 10 if you’re getting angry, or waiting 15 minutes if you fancy stuffing your face with chocolate. Gives you a chance to take PP’s advice! Bypass the impulses and the reward centres in your brain lose interest.


    Start a errr protest near a bike shop.

    I find the best way is to divide your CRC basket into separate orders, and use a £10 off voucher for each section.


    I try and imagine riding with my old stuff and the new stuff and see if I imagine it is really going to be different/better, and I look at what was the last great most needed thing I bought and see how I feel about it now..
    Normally turns off my desire.

    Did you really need a new house ?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Don’t listen to them jim, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Come and have a look at this lovely frame/fork/wheelset (delete as appropriate) that I’ve got to sell…


    Buy it. And then with all the old, yet servicable, bits you’ve replaced you will, over time, build a whole new bike!

    /that’s my excuse anyway.

    Premier Icon Mintyjim

    I think nedrapier has the best solution so far, but some kudos to PeterPoddy, I really should just grow up.

    Toys19 – Yup, they wouldn’t make any difference to my riding experience, but they are so purdy!

    Premier Icon Mintyjim

    MTG – the house comes with a purpose built 17′ x 11′ studio/workshop in the garden. Cavity walled, double pitched slate roof, exposed beams, polished concrete floor, multi-fuel burner. Perfect for my bikes and motorbikes. Actually looking forward to winter in there!

    AndrewBF – that was actually one the encouraging factors!


    Erm, share the joy, give me your credit card and PIN so I can have a go

    Premier Icon Mintyjim

    Absolutely nothing wrong with my Shimano XT brakes, but the new ones look bootiful!
    Just bought a new house so must resist, must resist, must res…resistance is futile!

    No one else will care what brakes youve got or what they look like so providing yours work well, neither should you.


    Marry an accountant.


    Yeah the chances are if you have set your mind on the new brakes you are going to buy them sooner or later!

    I would say, look at your bike and see if that money is better spent else where, new wheels? uppy downy seat post?

    If you have the desire to spend and spend and spend at least make sure you are doing it properly!

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