Are you in the top 50 places to live?

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  • Are you in the top 50 places to live?
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    Not in the top 50. But still the no 1 area of Wales (so better than all the top 50 really). Guessing it takes into account things like mobile/broadband & public transport, hi tech jobs etc, all of which are obviously not so widespread in the principality as in the SE. However, I know where I would rather be, even if I get only 2 mbs BB and zero mobile signal 🙂

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    It’s not been done on prettiness. So photos of the Northumberland coast seem pretty irrelevant!

    Well according to the article it’s because it’s grim up North so I was demonstrating it isn’t.

    I suspect this isn’t top 50


    ChubbyBlokeInLycra – Member

    I suspect this isn’t top 50

    10th place according to the telegraph one. Which is enough to tell me these things are nonsense.

    I live in the most boring and featureless place in the UK. A desolate dormitory enclave for aging commuters and inbred Tories in the flattest, most featureless and inbred corner of Lancashire. It’s called Mawdesley, and everyone that lives in Mawdesley also has the surname Mawdesley.

    The inbred snobs who managed to find and live in this inbred rural prison think it’s “stunning and beautful”. How some flat, desolate drained bog land stinking of rotten cabbage and some tacky nouveau riche mansions and 1960’s retirement bungalows strewn along some potholed back roads in the arse end of nowhere is “beautiful” has always been beyond me.

    The local mountain biking is non existent. You’d have better areas to ride in the centre of a city. It’s about 15 miles to escape this hell hole to reach the nearest hills and semi-decent cycling.

    There’s no public transport, no amenities, no pavements just one tiny expensive shop that’s closed most of the time and one grotty pub for the aging inbreds. That’s your lot.

    The only people you will see are aging snobs scowling at you from behind the wheel of a Range Rover. House prices are at levels only matched in Surrey and London. It’d take a special breed of person to actively choose to live in Mawdesley – essentially a rich, old, anti-social person who hated life and any form of enjoyment and wanted to live life in sensory deprivation in a ostentatious mansion on a stinking cabbage field in the arse end of nowhere.

    The sad thing is that many late middle aged management types think Mawdesley is something special and “they have made it” by living in a tiny obscure, lifeless dormitory enclave in the middle of nowhere. Not surprising as Mawdesley attracts people with no taste or humanity.

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    I’ve never lived in any of the top 50 places on that list, having finally got around to checking.

    But I seem to have lived in the next local authority to quite a few of them.


    Not surprising as Mawdesley attracts people with no taste or humanity.

    And yet you choose to live there…


    This list is usless to mtbers.
    We need somewhere hilly in the countryside.

    Response to TurnerGuy. I certainly didn’t and don’t choose to incarcerate myself in Mawdesley. If my life hadn’t turned to total shit then there’s no way in hell that I’d live in such a depressing prison as Mawdesley. I stand by my comments on this disgusting little hole, and I’d be out like a shot if I could. Mawdesley is the pits.


    I would rather shit on my hands and clap than live in the south!!!

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    Lived in or around Hart most of my young adult life, Mum still lives in Yateley, its a nice part of the world and can see why it ranks highly.
    Having spent most of my formative youth running around Guildford (being from Aldershot it was the safer option), I could happily live there, its got some great countryside right nearby.

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    Without wishing to mock any of those afflicted, how many if the top 50 are currently underwater ?


    I would rather shit on my hands and clap than live in the south!!!

    There’s an awful lot more of ‘the south’ than the poncy enclave that surrounds the capital.
    I live in the south-west, North Wiltshire, to be precise, and it’s a very nice area to live, with easy access to most of the country, and a varied, beautiful range of scenery. And the likes of Avebury and Glastonbury within easy reach as well.
    Not sure I’d really want to live elsewhere.


    I quite like Guildford. Also has a brilliant record shop. One of the few places in the suburbs West of London I do like to visit. When down there I try to spend my time escaping the dreary commuter towns around the M25 by taking relaxing trips INTO London.

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    I live in a great place , lovely countryside, great neighbours etc etc
    I don’t know if it’s on any lists, and I won’t be checking

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    There are loads of these type of lists: Top X happiest, top X friendliest, top X healthiest or simply top X full stop. Leek (my home) came 3rd in one of these recently but the (relatively) affordable housing was a huge factor in this. The fact it is surrounded by beautiful countryside probably helped too 🙂

    It’s be interesting to see which locations feature again and again in these differing polls.

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    I live in the SW (Cornwall) and I’d rather smear myself in poo than live in the SE.

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