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  • Are you happy on your current bike?
  • stanfree

    Im happy with my bikes. I’ve got a 2011 bottom of the range Canyon Nerve xc , A 4 or 5 year old Dialled Prince Albert and a 15 year old road bike. I cant ride any just now as just had my clavical plated but It’s the road bike Im looking forward to getting out on most .


    I keep telling myself that I am, yet find myself creating reasons for buying another. I seem to convince myself that buying another will give me more time to ride, which is what I’m actually unhappy with..


    Well I had my roadie built for me so yes that’s most excellent thanks, the lefty is a bit heavy TBH and I’m loath to spend money on it cos’ I’m changing it into a 29er so looking out for a neat steel frame, nice and light like, the gunner 29erSS is on the way out, I’m not going to need it any longer so if that answers your question, then it’s kinda 1 Yes, 2 Will be a Yes, 3 No.

    I’ve got a Canyon Nerve and it’s great but I’ve been pining after a Santa Cruz TRc or Yeti ASR5c for a while now. The thoughts just won’t go away no matter how much I try to tell myself my current bike is all I need.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Very true about it being a state of mind. Had my old Sunn & chameleon in the garage gathering dust, simply not being ridden. I buy a new Camber and go out all the time. Start using the Sunn & convert chameleon into an SS rigid. Now ride it more with no gears or suspension than I ever did. Just bought an AL29 and loving the big wheeled HT. it’s all bikes, in the right mood anything will do.


    Yes, I’m loving the main bike. I’ve finally got something that is perfect for me and my style of riding.

    I have a mini downhill bike that I haven’t ridden yet. I’m pretty sure it will also be bang on, but may take a bit of tweaking with geometry and suspension setup.

    My BMX is also brilliant. Fits me well and does everything I need it to.

    After two years of trying many different frames, I am pretty sure I won’t be changing any time soon.

    The only things I would like, in the way of bits are: new brakes on the main bike and a new BB for the BMX.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Yes I’m really happy with my Fuel ex. Its the best fitting bike I’ve ever owned. Its just comfy and does what I ask. I bought it used ridden once by the previous owner.

    Never really got on with my last bike so I’ve not loved every bike. I did ride the last bike until almost everything needed replacing


    Apart from the noisy bb and skippy gears I am. The main things (frame/fork/wheels) are spot on. Got a bmx on its way so I think the mtb will get overshadowed by that for a while.

    Yes and no. My old HT takes my everywhere – Lakes, Surrey Hills, Trail Centres, XC tris and races. Can ride it fast enough for Gold categories, follow the Oranges down Lakes rock steps, limited only by my ability on singletrack etc. OK, I am too wimpy for big jumps and drop offs!!

    I would love an Anthem 29er or Epic 29er. Tested them along with lots of trail and AM bikes. Suit my riding and make trails SO MUCH easier and SIGNIFICANTLY faster. But is it really worth spending £2k on a mtb that is going to take lots of punishment. Is the extra speed/ease of riding worth the dosh? Cant make my mind up. Seems very poor VFM for what we get somehow. Cue endless pontificating until I just get back on old faithful and just have a blast!


    When I started mountain biking, my first bike was a second hand Cannondale. Since then, I’ve had my share of expensive shop bought bikes and they definitely improved and my riding and enjoyment. I then got into custom building my own stuff picking and choosing what parts to get and now I’m at the stage where I have two regular bikes which I absolutely love. One is a 29er rigid and the other that I use the most, is a full susser 29er Kona. It’s taken my a couple of years to really realise what bike suits me the best and I’m about there I think! 😉


    This evening I rode a bike without some of the things I’ve come to think of as fairly essential to my enjoyment of mountain biking. It had no gears, no suspension and virtually no brakes.

    I was very happy.

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