are you an actual expert at anything?

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  • are you an actual expert at anything?
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    sweepy and ox, tell me you have yorkshire accents… 😉


    I agree mat_outandabout, tho i’m from Sheffield so i’m allowed to want them to without having to smiley wink. 😉

    Ditto cinamon girl. 🙂

    Premier Icon tomtomthepipersson

    Front crawl. And i’ve got a certificate to prove it.

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    I’m qualified and legally able to do my job, but I don’t think anyone I work with would think of calling me an expert. I stumble through the day trying not to **** up too badly. 🙂

    Premier Icon aracer

    Everybody seems to be missing the usual definition of an expert being somebody who knows more than the person they’re talking to.

    In which case, on here I’m an expert XC skier and an expert surfski paddler (I would claim to be an expert at riding a geared unicycle as there are only a handful of other riders of those in the UK – unfortunately one of them has already posted on this thread!)

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    My work Bio lists me as a leading expert in a software package in Australia. I didn’t even wright that one.

    sweepy and ox, tell me you have yorkshire accents…

    Sheffield, born and bred. Living in Auld Reekie now, but I still have me accent.

    *doffs flat cap, hoiks up coal phlegm, pats whippet, raises a pint of Stoneses*

    EDIT: how do you break a Euphonium?


    Self harming and suicide, i don’t get invited to many parties….


    PICK DataBasic & SB+ analyst/programmer. Been doing it 20+ years, I bloody hope I’m an expert by now; my boss probably does too 😉

    I play drums too but I’m not an expert at that. if I was I’d be earning a living from it rather than “hobbyist”


    Drunkenness, apparently. Yours, not mine.

    Back in my pprevious job. I was a member of a NATO group of sspecial experts. Much to the chagrin of my mate who had been in job for 10 years.


    The toe curling bit in Supersized Earth?
    Well who do you think trains them……….

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Blagging according to my colleagues.


    Embedded software design, code & testing.

    At least, I’ve been doing it for about 20 years, and keep getting paid for it by companies who care about it being done right.


    I’m an expert at annoying my wife.


    Helmet Design – but not if you ask TJ!

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    I try to sound like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to geographical information systems and online mapping. I can convincingly blag online marketing and web development too.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Banana carving.

    ohh just remembered one, i have a very large lung capacity so when measured at the University of Surrey they had to recalibrate the machine to measure my lungs 😀

    my lungs should be great for trumpet blowing!

    So, unless they’re yet to arrive on the thread we have no dog training experts, no coffee experts, and no parenting experts… that should solve all them threads that keep popping up then 😉

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Apparently, I am world class in stating the bleeding obvious.


    Actual expert on trees with certifictes and everything.

    Premier Icon bramleyborn

    I got my City & Guilds 953 Computer Literacy in 1987. Some people say the YTS was good for nothing, I proved them wrong.

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