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  • are you an actual expert at anything?
  • STW is full of people who think they’re experts on everything from coffee to diets, dog training to whether orange will lose sales because a welder likes boobs.

    but honestly, what are you an expert in? as in proper qualifications and reputation, not ‘my mates all come to me to change their tyres for them’ or ‘i’ve owned 3 dogs now and none of them have eaten a toddler’

    there must be some experts on here…. jedi with MTB training for example

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Kind of. But diverse though STW is, there hasnt been a chance to prove it here yet 😉

    The only thing I would say I am truly accomplished at, enough that I train and teach others to do, is motocross. Not exactly much to be particularly proud of I know but I’ve done it since I was 4 years old, won some championships and now occasionally run riding schools for kids.

    Other than that, not a lot.

    (Does having a masters in Philosophy count for anything? Never did a thing with it)


    A couple of things.

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Flexible gas and electricity purchasing does that count ?

    ‘kind of’ and ‘yup’ dont mean anything without first explaining what you’re an expert in/at 😆

    there’s a lot of people who, on specific subjects are hugely knowledgeable. granted that could be the wonders of google, but i’m confident there’s some experts on here.


    There will always be someone with more knowledge than you.

    I’m an expert on things when compared to my colleagues, and that’s why we have different jobs. I’m not an expert when compared to someone who’s been doing it far longer with more technical demands.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Well my job title is Subject Matter Expert so I guess I must be!


    But like xiphon says I’m just an “expert” compared to the people around me. There is always someone who knows more.

    Recognising this and learning from those is the path to true knowledge!

    I’m an expert at creating sawdust.

    And I used to train fellow students to blow smoke rings.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Funnily enough, being STW: computers n that (particularly software engineering and embedded systems).


    ‘kind of’ and ‘yup’ dont mean anything without first explaining what you’re an expert in/at

    Just answering the question. ‘are you an actual expert at anything?’


    No, although I have given expert witness evidence in a tribunal.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Spent 5 years teaching motorcycling then 4 years writing traffic regulation orders. Not sure I’m an expert in either field but I’m accomplished and competent to those outside those fields.


    I have no qualifications whatsoever in bike repair or manufacturing or anything like that – I do have a degree in Physics and Astronomy.

    Really should do Cytech or something, but can’t be bothered…

    Premier Icon andydicko

    Definition of an expert

    Ex = a has been
    Spurt = a drip under pressure

    I used to be an expert on hay meadows. Not anymore though.


    Being a Dad.
    Not got any trophies for it yet tho’.

    Although the love of my children counts in my eyes.


    I used to be an expert on hay meadows. Not anymore though.

    You were outstanding in your field?

    near top of the range bullshittery
    outclassed by some on here, but still pretty good

    Premier Icon binners

    I can colour things in, and I hardly ever go over the lines. Well… I say hardly. Not that often.

    I do still quite often leave the lids of my felt tips though 😥


    Expert in work/chore avoidance strategies, entirely self-taught

    Premier Icon footflaps

    what are you an expert in?

    in my own tiny mind, I am an expert in most things……

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I am a genuine expert at UK bank clearing processes- which obviously gets me all the girls.

    Also was a time when I could say the same about tuning some Suzuki motorbikes, but not so much any more, very out of practice.

    And procrastinating.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I sometimes think about this when watching programmes like Mastermind – I dabble in many things, but am an expert in nothing. Not even my job. Quite depressing really 🙁


    I’m qualified in financial advice, bleh de bleh de bleh, got FPCs the whole bit. Hate the industry though, loads of changes in the last 2 years, regulation is a nightmare after the credit crunch and set to get a load worse.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    I strive for mediocrity in everything I do!


    Yep, formal industry qualifications and everything. Very high up in my game as well, 20 odd years experience in the field.

    Of course, it means cock all on here because thirty other people have opinions on the matter so the *actual* expertise gets lost in the chaff.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Enterprise Java software development, and possibly Physics depending on your definition of expert.

    And probably bikes, to be fair, compared to most.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Nothing, quite honestly. Everyone knows more than me in everything it seems.


    Paint 🙁

    5 years working as a chemist for a paint company.

    The only proper qualification I have for this other than a chemistry degree is NACE CIP level 1 (National Association of Corrosion Engineers Coatings inspector program) – go me, I can look at paint and tell you it is good/bad.


    Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehousing (but i’m a generalist within the field where as others are the true experts at moving data or displaying data etc)

    Yes a number of things but in particular consumer insight.



    Undergraduate & post-graduate degrees in Archaeology.

    Trained nurse – though not working as such.

    Expert in buying 2nd hand Bontrager stuff.

    Not sure what I want to be when I grow up, mind.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I’m bloody good at Pop Master and Scrabble.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    I’m very competent at what i do, but no expert.
    There was a point when i could have become an expert on measuring canopy gaps using LIDAR images but it was so unbelievably boring I sacked it off and left academic research


    Yep call me for expert advice about how to really mess up your life. Seriously, i could charge

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