Are you a groomed rider?

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  • Are you a groomed rider?
  • Seems that mountain biking is taking a turn for the worse with all this 29er shite and marketing bs, but recently started to notice new trails being built are all super smooth berm baby berm with the odd feminine jump! I mean come on guys!! what ever happened to real riding steep n techie, that is what mountain biking is surely?? I could do most of these modern day downhill tracks on me bloody bmx for christ sakes!
    So basically got me thinking about what riders want?
    Is it groomed or is it tech? over to you! 😀


    I do however groom riders……………….

    Otherwise peace and quiet.

    Although I quite fancy the idea or the odd feminine jump….any offers?

    Edric 64

    I want quiet bridleways rupps and boats out in the middle of nowhere


    Luckily I escaped being groomed as a new rider. I’ve heard it happened to many though……..


    the steeper and rootier the better for me and proper jumps with gaps in them none of this roller silliness. bollocks to making it accessible to everyone if the terrain is above your skill level ride somewhere else.

    that is all.

    Premier Icon thorlz

    As Edric says………….groomed,smooth trailed, bike centers are ace, keeps the areas I like riding in quiet.

    Selfish attitude, how yes 😀


    Keep to the real world it far better and less groomed


    I wish I was teh rad.

    There’s probly some moor.


    I just like to have fun with my mates. So I couldn’t give a shit what anyone else wants. 🙂

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Taking about grooming on the Internet eh…..

    Personally I like a mix.


    Move to gods trail centre…scotland.fairly ungroomed areas up here


    Oh my god. They make trail centres for everyone. Why can’t they make trail centres just for awesome people like me? Who cares about people who aren’t as awesome as me?


    What I love about trail centres is I can turn up with anyone and we can have a pretty good time. Taken my parents round the blue at Glentress. If I wanted something more technical I would have just switched to the red (or gone over to Inners).

    I don’t want to go somewhere and then find they can’t cope with some of it and hence don’t enjoy it.

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    I always comb my hair before popping up Cannock yes.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Stop riding at play parks then or go to ones that don’t cater for new riders.


    Different kind of buzz.

    Enjoy the techy stuff in a sort of relief that I’ve got down it without breaking myself kind of way. Or the satisfaction from clearing a section without dabbing.

    The groomed stuff is great for just going flat out.

    I cant do tech flat out as my self preservation instinct kicks in quite early these days.


    Think your missing the point.
    1 it’s a blue graded trail
    2 it’s aimed at technique – momentum, pumping the trail and berms. Novices arent going to learn if they are constantly on the brakes because the trail is rough (braking bumps for example).

    Try riding it without pedalling or braking

    I have a theory that pussywillow is in fact a computer programmed to randomly fire out threads all of which have to refer to mountain biking exclusively being about a certain type of riding. I don’t know why anybody would construct such a machine but apparently they have…

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    Swoons at awsum skilz. I ride most modern day downhill tracks on my nans shopping bike.


    pussywillow vs forexpipz?

    It’s a tough one, but there’s only one way to find out…..


    This rider looks quite well groomed …


    When did he get a part in Star Trek TNG?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    pussywillow hits the slopes:

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    real riding steep n techie

    No, real riding is 30cm deep mud and lots of carrying the bloody thing round desolate moorland because the trail is impassable actually riding. Or, at least, it is round here.


    If it ain’t buff, I ain’t going down…

    OP is some sort of bot fo shure.


    fortunately not much in the way of groomed trails around here… but i am often surprised how many people seem to stick to the fireroads despite there being LOTS of trails in them there alps….

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I am mostly ungroomed as a rider, certainly happy to give shaving a miss on a ride day. Much smarter for the office though.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Trollish post but **** it, i’ll respond and fuel the fire………Built trails are not necessarily anything to do with mountain biking in the true sense of the phrase, they’re great if i wish to switch off and belt round as there’s now’t tricky nor overtly technical on them and you know that if the features are built then it’s possible to ride them in a multitude of ways. I find them good for introducing new riders into the so called “sport” as you don’t need any navigational skills and if you take a novice out on a blue route then you know exactly what to expect from the trail.

    I stay within a 30 min drive from mabie/dalbeattie/Kirroughtree/glentrool with ae/drumlanrig being slightly further away and peebles/inners being 90 mins away, out of 10 rides i perhaps ride a trail centre once, not rode peebles/inners for 6 years.

    Now’t wrong wi trail centres in the slightest as they can be good fun and it’s a guaranteed “know exactly what your getting ride” but a very poor analogy is sorta like claiming to be a climber when all you’ve done is indoor walls rather than brave the actual mountains.

    Anyway, i’ll get to the point…..if you want to ride techy stuff that tests you then get out in the hills, or go explore a local quarry. Trail centres have to cater to the masses and as such they do a good job.


    I thought this was going to be about men shaving their legs!


    Lady wiggo..
    Quite tidy.


    Wtf. Stupid.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    I could do most of these modern day downhill tracks on me bloody bmx for christ sakes!

    Go on then. Make sure you get someone to film it, post it up on here, should be good for a laugh.


    You need to come to the new BMX park at Swinley

    They’re even going to fit starting gates 🙂


    Methinks pussywillow is also the same ‘lad that retweets “MTBRealTalk”.

    Anyway, that Berm Baby Berm was bloody brilliant.

    So was Nevis Range Red.

    Might nip round to Torridon next.

    Same 120 travel SS hardtail though, one bike for all.

    It also gets me to work. The ride’s what you make it.


    GT Blue is awesome, jumpfest smooth fast flowy greatness
    Dollywaggon Pike is awesome, steep, rocky uber tech challenge
    Swiss National in Chatel is awesome , steep, mindbendingly confusing
    A-Bomb in Mt Buller Awesome fast, rough in places, jumpy

    Different things for different days, I’m surprised you didn’t like it I’m sure there is a bridge to hide under ans scare people. Maybe you should have had a 29r up there…..


    My favourites are the groomed fast jumpy trails. Crank It Up in Whistler is my ultimate trail, just so good. I don’t like techy stuff, I’m shit at it. Do get a good feeling of accomplishment if I clear something rocky and rooty as **** though.


    Hey pussywacker, post up a vid of you 2 wheel drifting about on that groomed crap would ya?


    feminine jump


    Rachel Atherton on course

    Guess that’s what he meant

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