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  • Are there any other options?
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    Cotic Roadrat with the Monster Rat package?

    Hey, this advertising stuff really works huh?

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    Okay, so I'm sitting here a little bored, having just polished off a nice bottle of red, and starting to work up my next bike – not that it's going to materialise for a while yet, but anyway…

    I've just got a 'that british brand that loads of forumites are getting upset about the advertising of' Hemlock – a nice jack of all trades possibly master of none, versatile full susser – and think for my next bike I'd like a diffeent kind of jack of all trades type bike. I'm thinking rigid drop bar 29er which I can have a couple or three wheel sets for – mtb 29er, cross/touring and road. So I can have a reasonable chance of keeping up on club runs (road wheels), commute along the tow & cycle paths (cross/possibly just change the tyres on the road wheels) and do some touring on too (probably with front and rear panniers).

    Therefore I think a steel fork rather than carbon is the preferable option – that and I'm a bit of a carbon sceptic/luddite!

    So far the only bike I can see that would give me that versatility is the singular swift, but does it have rack mounts?

    Also, I presume that I'd need to leave some spacers on the steerer to be able to switch from an off road drop bar position to a more roadie position?

    Any thoughts?



    Either a Swift or one of the forthcoming Gryphons. Gryhon could get the nod as it's rigid specific and for mine looks better when run rigid as a virtue of that. It doesn't have rack/mudguard mounts either but if your touring was fairly irregular and not too loaded then p clips on the seat stays would work fine.

    A road rat is definitely a nice option as well – and has rack mounts etc.

    A Peregrine could also be a possibility? Though not as off road capable as a Gryphon can still be fun in the dirt with 48mm tyres (or a bit bigger up front). Does the road/touring bit much better as well.

    Singular Cycles

    Any custom builder will make you what you desire. Try Roberts, Yates, etc. Is Rob Mather still building? (I remember his first frame, a teeny tiny red Kona like thing! Very nice, though.)

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    mmmm…..the perigrine is gorgeous!

    That might have just moved to the top of the list

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