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  • Are there any brands you'd think twice about buying?
  • who is this "ssc" that is getting repeatedly mention here. I've never heard of them before.


    Bugger! I'm on the wrong thread….

    I've got a carbon anthem which is mass produced tat
    Pace forks that will die any moment
    Look at me being niche Jones bars
    Hope brakes/headset that will also die any moment

    Not had any problems with any of it. I like SRAM chains as they last longer than shimano. I do agree SSC fruit is an idiot hole, and Trek will never be forgiven for actually killing KLein. If they made a non suspension attitude (propper one) then i would throw money at them. Trek also seem to hoover up 'brands' (Bontrager) stifling creativity)

    Anyway, out for a ride on my deathtrap…. 😈

    It's always interesting how long a bad rep will last. I wouldn't touch Rock Shox forks for years but pretty much everything they've produced since the first Pikes has been top notch.

    Endura's quality has been questionable at times but the finishing on all the kit I've seen from them in the last year has been top notch.


    Anything Niche or Microbrand were more money has been spent on the catalogue than the product and R&D surrounding that product.

    I have an issue with things like the Yeti cross bike. The Yeti core product is fine, just not sure about their cross credentials. It costs alot, it's got Yeti on it don't make it good beyond question. Other companies do this sort of thing.

    Giant hmm. Massive company, huge resources, massive reasearch budgets, faultless product and well represented in every sector of the sport. I race one for that reason. Though I am aware my XTR equiped XTC race bike is at a glance similar in appearance to their £200 jobs. Not a bike to aspire to? very true, but for out of the box performance superb.

    Hopes, love them and no problems. In fact I'm ruuning a set of Mono Minis that a bike shop threw out as beyond repair, nothing at wrong with them..

    I think though I'm guilty a little of inverted snobbery.



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    I bought an Orange Clockwork from Neil Walton Cycles in Didsbury yonks ago.

    Arrived with one 175mm crank, one 170mm (They did send a replacement – a 175 after I'd asked for a 170, ho hum.)

    I'd asked for a blue fade frame with silver bits – it arrived with a matt black frame with black finishing kit.
    I was told I should be grateful as they'd only just started doing the black finish and it was the next big thing – and no, they wouldn't change it for me.

    Combined with the SunTour microdrive drivechain, the two foot long stem and the uncomfy steel bars with built in bar-ends, I ended up hating the thing and sold it not long after.

    Never bought another Orange and not sure if I ever would, even though it was mostly the fault of the (now closed) shop.


    does no one like stuff from calderdale then? 🙄

    who or what is ssc? It keeps on cropping up here and I haven't a clue what company is meant.

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    Taka, it's just Orange with me. I'm sure they've changed, but that one bad experience has sort of ruined them in my eyes.

    I'd saved up soooo long for that bike as well.

    ps, I live in Calderdale, so no regional bias BTW.


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    who or what is ssc? It keeps on cropping up here and I haven't a clue what company is meant.

    SSC = Super Star Components… aka the Octoporn lover (don't ask me why 😆 )


    thats rested my brain ive never had a problem with ssc or it might be that i put about 3miles on there pads before i sell the brakes 😉


    Magura forks.


    (C)rank Bros pedals.


    after the problems with my P7 i dont think ill get a orange again (until i saw the blood)

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