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  • Are SKF Bearings worth the extra?
  • skf are not normally more expensive. they are one of the large std manufacturers. you can prob get online if you know the size.

    orbic bearings in croydon stock skf and have found them to be same cost as others

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    skf are not normally more expensive

    While they are a similar price to other branded ones they are around 8 to 10 times the price of cheap ones.


    Cheapo bearings will do the job for a time, but the sealing is usually inferior and the bearing races themselves tend to corrode a lot more easily.


    Other quality brands are available including FAG, Timken and Dodge.

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    IMO the trouble with pivot bearings is that they only rotate through a very small range, so just about any seize. Kaesae’s seem ok, and well priced.

    Cheapo bearings will do the job for a time, but the sealing is usually inferior and the bearing races themselves tend to corrode a lot more easily

    Just what i needed, cheers.

    What i’ve found is cheapo are going for circa 3.50 a go, whilst branded (skf or other) are anything from 9 to 12 pound a pop, when your buying 6 of them this makes all the difference.

    The cheapo ones i’m replacing are notchy as fook rather than have play in them.

    Having to replace my frame bearings after just 8 months, expected them to last longer as in honesty the bike hasn’t been ridden a great deal and rarely in the mud.

    Are SKF worth the extra cash? as it seems to be a considerable price difference


    Its the bearing dealer whose making the money.
    We use dozens per month at work and have a contract with bearing services – they work out about £3-6 each. If I have to buy a one off we don’t stock at work you can treble the cost ..
    SKF are consistently good, cheaper ones vary in quality and tolerances so you pays your money … etc.

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    My last batch of INA bearings (£8.50 * 8 + ? * 4) didn’t last any longer than the £1.50 ones from ebay TBH. I’ve found regreasing the cheap ones every spring / autumn has worked much better because in the 18 months or so none need replacing yet.

    As njee20 says, pivot bearings only rotate a small amount anyway, maybe if they rotated competely I’d see more benefit from better bearings. Dunno.

    YMMV though.

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    SKF/INA etc manufacture to a much tighter tolerance. Hence they cost more, but also less likely to fail quickly.
    Cheaper ones have a wider tolerance margin, so some of them may indeed last as long as SKF, but a lot won’t.

    buy cheap, buy twice…


    Try here if you haven’t already
    best place I’ve found
    Doesn’t matter whether the bearings rock or rotate it shouldn’t affect there life. As with most things you get what you pay for


    As in all walks of life, you gets what you pays for.

    FAG and INA are owned by Schaeffler – Hope use Schaeffler bearings exclusively.

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    For pivot bearings I seem to remember that the Marin “lifetime warranty” ones used more balls / full complement fill (?) rather than fewer balls spaced in a cage.

    Anyone got any experience of the Enduro ones?

    And SKF / INA etc are not the best for every type of bearing – for spherical bearings / rod ends, the best (by far) in terms of durability and backlash are made by Fluro of Germany or Heim Uniball.


    I prefer using cheap stainless for pivots to try and keep corrosion at bay as long as possible and put extra marine waterproof grease in them before fitting.

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