Are Rock Shox Reba’s faulty?

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  • Are Rock Shox Reba’s faulty?
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    wrong forum, however, it sounds as though air is leaking from the negative to positive chambers. So yes theyre broke – send them to TFTuned who’ll sort it for you.

    No that shouldn’t happen. That sounds as though it will be a leak in the positive (top) air chamber. Either through the seal at the bottom or the valve at the top. Unless you are well handy with forks (i serviced my rebas at home once but it was a bit ricky compared to coil forks) I would get it serviced and repaired by a good bike shop or tftuned. (my local bike enormo-store sends forks to tftuned anyway! It just saves me the courier fees) : the repair will cost almost as much as a full service with the repair included as much of the work is in the dismantling and reassembly. Also you could get the travel extended to 100mm if you find 80 a bit short while they are at it: it is a 30 second job once the fork is already in bits.


    jimbo you dumb ass this is the classifieds section!
    Dude I have looked on line and there are a few reports of this happening as the guy smogmonster states….try this link…


    Hi Guys,

    Your advise please..

    I have a set of Rock Shox Reba Race Dual Air 2008 (80mm travel) on my XC mountain bike. Just recently I have noticed that the amount of travel that I set originally has gone down to 30-40 mm. Before I went out in the peaks yesterday I let out all of the air and set them up again to give me a little bit of sag and more travel. After a couple of downhill descents the travel had gone back down – as though there is an air leak or something.
    I then had to pump them up again and the same happened after another downhill descent.

    Are my forks faulty as I dont believe this should happen.


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