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  • Are me and MTB done? :-(
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    Worked out I’ve been out for a ride a grand total of 8 times this year since January…..
    I did have 4 months with a knackered hand but either side of that just not bothered.
    My last ride was a trip to Llandegla the middle of September with a mate…..
    Not sure if it’s just been one of those years, or whether it’s more than that.
    I was made redundant last year and set up my own coaching/guiding and maintenance business – that’s pretty much dead in the water now for various reasons (COVID, parts shortages, Forestry England issues and aforementioned injury).
    Lucky enough to be back in full time work which I’m enjoying.
    I’ve relied heavily on MTB the last few years to help with depression and a job that I thoroughly hated. MTB has been a massive part of my life for the best part of 13 years – sometimes to the detriment of other things like my family.
    But now I feel that I’m at a crossroads – I have oodles of fairly expensive kit but very little (approaching zero) motivation to use it – do I Jack it all in and get as much cash back as I can, or stick it out for another 6 months and see how I feel?
    My only times to ride are peak times due to work & family etc – the increase in trail traffic through COVID has left me not enjoying the rides due to the lack of solitude, plus my riding buddies have fallen by the wayside and the thought of solo riding (which I used to enjoy) leaves me wanting to do something else……
    The thing is I used to feel guilty and annoyed with myself for missing rides – I don’t have that feeling anymore…
    Am I done with MTB???

    Anyone else in a similar situation?

    Sorry for the self centred ranty post – slightly fueled by Merlot……

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    Nope, not me, chomping at the bit to get out for the next spin as soon as I’m done with a spin. Doing it 15+ plus years now and still feeling the love, and like you seem to imply, has helped to keep me on an even keel.

    sometimes to the detriment of other things like my family

    Always family first though but if you’ve been trying to make a living out it I can see you may have had a conflict I don’t have. Can be difficult to mix your pastime with your job.

    It’s important to keep perspective though, it’s only a pastime\sport (not a marriage). If you lose interest that’s not a crime. I have a lot of mates lost the passion over the years (some were lost to the road 🙂 ), a lot eventually came back to it, some not.

    Why don’t you give it a break for 6 months and then decide if you want to jack it in. Don’t sell off the gear until then.

    Oh, btw, Merlot ????????

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    And only joking on the Merlot quip, I’ll drink whatever is put in front of me 🙂

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    When my kids were small and I didn’t have much spare time, I turned to road cycling.
    – I could do it from my front door
    – It was cheaper to run a road bike
    – It was fresh to me
    – Several of my neighbours also had road bikes so company was easy enough to arrange
    – Less mess to clean up post ride
    – Kept me fit

    Now the kids are a little older I’m now back out on the mountain bike and loving it just as much as ever.

    If I was you, I’d choose to keep a fun hardtail and sell everything else. You’ll be back out mountain biking again one day soon, I’m sure of it.

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    I’ve fell out of love with cycling again !! Think it’s the shitty weather for me but motivation has gone 🙁 Like you I have some nice bikes/kit.

    Im doing some running again it’s short and sweet less faff and literally ready in minutes. Out and back under an hour. Keeps my head in good place and keeps fitness ticking over 🙂

    I won’t sell bikes though I’ll definitely get urge again.

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    Do something else for a bit do a different type of riding. Might only need to be for a few months. I wouldn’t bother selling.

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    You’re screaming for an Ebike.

    Not enough time on your hands to enjoy biking? Ebike?
    Dont enjoy solo riding? Ebike.
    Lots of high end stuff to sell? Ebike.
    Hire one for the day on your own and see if you enjoy it. The increase in trail traffic soons gets left behind when you smash past everyone who’s plodding up the hill.

    I am very time poor and tried an ebike out at Glentress a few years back and was blown away. I bought a Kenevo and that didnt end well (5 motors, 4 batteries within approx 300 miles) but I’ve just bought an Orbea Rise and its superb. Totally changes the way you look at biking. Just have a read of some of the threads on here where guys have tried them and see what they say.

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    Lots of high end stuff to sell? Ebike.

    This worked for me and paid 4/5ths of my Scott genius 920, so it wasnt like the money came out of anything important like savings or left me short in any way.

    I’m in my 50’s and I can categorically state riding it is like its taken off 20 years.

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    But now I feel that I’m at a crossroads – I have oodles of fairly expensive kit but very little (approaching zero) motivation to use it – do I Jack it all in and get as much cash back as I can, or stick it out for another 6 months and see how I feel?

    I’m a big fan of selling stuff I don’t use, I hate kit going to waste BUT I find I’ve regretted selling stuff when I wasn’t in the best frame of mind about life. If I have a positive reason for selling it’s less likely to be a regret sell (I’m selling this to benefit me vs **** it, want rid of it). Given the time of year no harm hanging on til spring and seeing how you feel.

    Not sure buying an ebike will fill the void. I’ve done the new bike to fix lack of enthusiasm to ride and yeah and it can give a boost but ultimately unless the bike you had was completely unsuitable it won’t fix anything medium term.

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    From what you say, I’m sorry to say but I think you might be done. But like others have said, there’s no harm in hanging on till the spring and seeing how you feel then. It has also been such a tough time these past few years, it may be if/when we ever get through it, you might get the love back.
    I went through the same not so long ago. Realised that riding helped me keep the depression at bay and when it didn’t any more, or to a lesser extent at least, then I just couldn’t find the motivation to do it any more.
    It’s left a massive hole to be honest, taken away some of my identity but I’ve lost that feeling of wanting/needing to go out on the bike and I can’t seem to get it back.
    I’m not sure an ebike would help. I’ve been through different bikes thinking this will spark my enthusiasm again but it didn’t. No harm in hiring one, see how you feel.
    Is there something you could do with the family? You could take up a new sport together maybe.
    You say the thought of solo riding leaves you wanting to do something else. Is it something achievable? If so, just go and do it. With me, it’s more like wanting to scuba dive or free dive or snorkel but I only want to do it where I can see lots of fish and the water is warm and seeing as I’m in the UK, well it’s just a fantasy.
    Just try not to lose too much fitness. It’s a slippery slope when you lose fitness, lose strength. put on weight, start drinking more… you start to feel old and it makes it so much harder to come back from. Don’t ask me how I know.

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    How old are your kids? Get out riding with them.

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    My MTB hadnt been used for 18 months until 2 weeks ago. A combination of Lockdown, and once opened up, not wanting to go out with crowds.
    Took it out last week to Glentress, and loved it. It was like I hadnt been off the bike, albeit, I did push up some of the hills.
    Just take a break, you’ll eventually have motivation to use the bike again when the time is right.

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    I don’t always have the same level of motivation to get out, weather, sunlight, location can all influence how motivated I feel to get out and ride. I seem to rarely feel excited to get out to ride but I always enjoy it once I’m actually out, I rode in the Peak last week and really wasn’t excited but had one of the best rides in ages.

    I also play football and I definitely have ups and downs with motivation, I just take some time off and I’m usually feeling quite refreshed and keen to play again after a few months.

    In your situation I would keep the bike, 6 months isn’t a long time and to give up something you love (or at least used to) so suddenly definitely seems a bit hasty. Perhaps if you could try to set some time aside to go for a decent ride somewhere quiet with a friend to rediscover what you love about cycling.

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    I still love mountain biking but the area I live in offers no challenge compared to where I used to live

    I dont ride as much now

    Premier Icon K
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    What does your normal ride look like?

    Do you always drive to where you ride?
    Is it normally a trail center?

    I find I’ve now got very little want to go riding places that I’ve got to drive to. It really doesn’t seem to make sense to spend as long in the car as I’m on the bike for. Yeah I have a great time when I’m riding somewhere that I’ve travel to normal but the Stoke isn’t doesn’t stay. So I actually find I spend more time on less capable bikes riding really close to home and just enjoy being out.

    We have an Ebike but that hardly gets used, as it feels like it actually limits how much riding I do. yes, I can get a lot more elevation in for the same time of riding but I always have to time how much battery is left with being enough to get back. There is also more maintenance, its harder on parts etc.

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    I’ve been through a pendulum of doing different sports. Over the years, probably too many due to needing to keep up qualifications for my job.

    Don’t feel guilty about the change, particularly when you’ve tried to do it for a job it can crush you. Suddenly fun becomes repetitive drudge. I’ve seen it so many times, so many sports in the outdoors where someone thinks hobby is a good way of earning a living.

    I managed to avoid it as I was qualified in mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks, sailing dinghy and keelboat, walking, climbing, caving and things like archery and orienteering. It would have done my nut in to only do one sport – and then do it again on a day off.

    We’ve now settled on hillwalking, canoeing and bikes. Even now in doing (to my surprise) far more road pootling on a bike than MTB.

    My suggestion: try a different thing for a while. don’t feel guilty about the change,

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    What Matt says tbh, take a break, try something else, then see how you feel.

    I bought an ebike as a wee kinda final throw of the dice, it’s sort of worked, I’m certainly out a lot more than I was last year (and I’ve even started taking the push bike out too!) but I don’t think I’ll ever see the days again where I would nightride a couple of times a week all winter, whatever the weather.

    You only get one shot at this, don’t ever feel you ‘have to’ do something.

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    Unless you really need the money I 100% wouldn’t sell all your stuff. For the most part I have always switched between cycling and running and so 6-8 months off the bike would be pretty normal for me. Sometimes I’ve thought I cannot be bothered going back to it after a break but I always do.

    Having said that, I only really road ride now. MTBing is just too much of a logistical effort for me and I cannot ever imagine driving somewhere to ride at this point or going back to the constant cleaning involved with MTBing through winter.

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    Me and MTB are on a break. Not helped by getting a dog 3years ago (I don’t really like the whole trail dog thing and she is only little and would get knackered). Sea kayaking is also not talking to me currently, again I blame the dog, lock down etc but just haven’t got the motivation currently. So nice sea kayaks and bikes are in the garage gathering dust. Would I sell up, not sure, I keep thinking about spending some cash on a new bike/kayak to give me some motivation but I think I need the motivation before I spend the cash so I will keep the toys I have and be happy.

    But maybe a gravel bike…

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    Wow this thread rings a bell!  I have lived for my MTB fix over the last decade.  It’s been a constant in my life and has been the solace needed in difficult times.   However since Covid I find myself riding less and less, to the point this year I have barely ridden excluding our usual Scotland road trip and Ard Rock.  Local riding has been hateful.  Which has been compounded now over 40 as my fitness has slid, so it’s become even more painful.  I just can’t be arsed!  My wife and I had our 3rd (surprise) baby this year, which was a shock given our other children are 16 & 11.  Since lockdown has been lifted work a has exploded and I just don’t have spare time for riding in the evening and when I do I’m in no fit state!

    I think I have also been turned off with some of the direction of MTB.  It’s boomed as a pastime, which is great
    But the sheer volume of people now out at my favourite hot spots is a turn off.  I liked the fact it was all a little quieter and more secluded, I’m disappointed that as a result of growth everything has trebled in price, more riders has meant more cars and more litter.  But by and large I think these are just other annoyances the make ‘the scab itch’ Ultimately

    So what have I done about it…well despite being completely anti ebike, my Trek Rail will be delivered Thursday.  I believe this is going to be the magic elixir to rekindle my love for the sport as I can ride from home and get a quick hours riding up the hill in with the dog, I can keep up with fitter riders and in the summer I can smash evening laps in.  Can’t ever see me get back to the dizzy heights of night riding all year round, regardless of weather.  Frankly the thought of that makes me feel sick

    Ultimately if it doesn’t work I have lost nothing other than a little money.  At that point I’ll sell up and take a years break .  But I really worry about starting up again after another long break.

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    Hard to know exactly your personal circumstances but something worth a go it to take it back to basics and just enjoy the ride. Easier said than done but I started along the lines of building up a singlespeed and giving that a go just for a change. I’ve ditched that now as my knees were complaining but what it did was open me up to a different kind of riding. I now ride a geared rigid bike. The best bit about it is that you know you’re compromised (as you’re effectively on the ‘wrong’ bike) so you don’t get into that mindset of bigger/faster and you get the bonus of taking people by surprise when you manage to negotiate a tricky line etc.
    All my riding for the last 12 months has been from my door (With this one I’m lucky enough tot live only a 5 mile ride from Cannock) and by and large solo. Always worth a try to ride out of peak times too. I’ll ride very early in the morning which means I can catch the sunrise and very often see all kinds of wildlife. Sounds a bit ‘woo’ but I think without this I’d not be feeling so fresh about riding in the same place (which I’ve been riding for around 30 years!) so regularly.

    Only you can answer whether you’re done or not but maybe just try a couple of things like taking it back to basics, riding early mornings when there’s no people about and try and remember why you loved it in the 1st place.

    Good luck 🙂

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    I ask myself this same question every day. I’ve been riding bikes my whole life and I’ve been a fanatical MTBer since I was a teenager and discovered MBUK in about ’98.

    I haven’t had an enjoyable ride since we were last in France in July 2019. I still love nothing more than riding big chunky trails and fast Alpine meadows on proper mountains. It’s literally my favourite thing ever. I just don’t have access to it. Riding in England has finished me off. It’s just non-stop drudgery. It’s dark, wet, cold, soggy and mile after mile of soul sucking bridleway monotony. Riding used to be my treatment for depression but on my last few attempts I feel like it’s just contributed to it because it’s so much work and faff for so little fun.

    We were burgled a few months ago and I rushed to replace my bikes. With hindsight I wish I’d just kept the money and done something else.

    Sorry I can’t improve the mood in the room! I’m just completely sick in general and bikes don’t help anymore.

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    Currently for me with a young child, the spare time and energy I used to devote to cycling has become filled with looking after him. I am finding the persistent night time wakening, constant colds and the simple requirement to monitor and keep a child with way too much energy safe is taking a huge toll on any desire to do anything but go to bed early and try and rest as much as possible. Personally, I am hoping that the situation I am currently in will change and I will find more energy to pursue things in the way I used to. I am definitely not going to sell any of my stuff as it’s all perfectly set up for me and my riding and will be sitting there waiting for when I am able to go again. I think it’s very easy to get catastrophic at these low points but it sounds more to me that psychologically that is where you are at and you will naturally bounce back again, probably as winter nears it’s end. This time of year is notorious for making us all feel as if things are not worth it and a change is required.

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    Yip, asking the same question too.

    Different circumstances. I really miss it, but I just can’t find motivation to make time for it. My fitness is probably the main contributing factor. I’m as unfit as I have ever been, by quite some margin.

    Niggling injuries don’t help, but I think I often use them as excuses not work on it.

    I have a Scotland trip next April with mates from home, I really need to get fit for that otherwise I won’t enjoy the riding.

    Let’s see, maybe I can turn this around.

    Good luck.

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    A lot of the stuff on this thread sounds very familiar, but nevertheless I still love MTB and get out as often as I can.
    Young family has reduced the amount of time I can ride, so I have to do shorter rides and probably not so often as I don’t always have the energy.
    Still ride my MTB to work and back every weekday.
    Almost never drive to the start of a ride as that wastes valuable riding time.
    Made the choice to live somewhere I have great trails from the door and can ride to work.

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    Thanks all – interesting to see that I’m not on my own in this.

    Cannock is my local, so I can ride from the door pretty much – but again it’s constantly mobbed.
    My riding has to fit around my daughters dance commitments (which she has quite a few of….) so I’m left with Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.

    I don’t think an e-bike is the answer tbh – something else to remember to charge, no way I can get it on the roof carrier without giving myself a hernia lol and even with selling my current FS and HT I’d still need to chuck in another £1k for equivalent spec etc.

    I’ve arranged to go for a night ride tomorrow to see if that helps – nothing heavy just an XC bimble with a couple of fun bits thrown in.

    My Mrs has told me not to be too hasty in selling up – told me just to sell the HT if I really want to sell one.

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    I thought I was losing my mojo as I hadn’t ridden for a few wks due to SuperManFlu (not C19) & I couldn’t see myself enjoying the ride – I think I was just in a bit of a black hole TBH. Went for said ride & it was one of my most enjoyable since Exposure 24/12! Back in love!

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    Paging @ton. 😀

    Premier Icon snotrag
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    I think you made a mistake mixing your hobby with a job, and as it sounds like it didnt go entirely to plan, its understandable you might be a bit fed up with riding for a bit. However…

    My riding has to fit around my daughters dance commitments…
    …I’m left with Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.

    Many people on here would kill for a regular twice weekly riding slot…

    Cannock is my local, so I can ride from the door pretty much – but again it’s constantly mobbed.

    And kill again if they could ride from their house, to a fairly well respected MTB ‘venue’. Its busy? So what. Talk to people. You might find some new riding buddies!

    Its hard, especially with a young family, and just ‘life’ getting in the way. And I bet nearly all of us go through cycles or more or less riding (as everyone has said up there!). Dont sell up. Dont buy an ebike. Dont fret.

    Do you have a family ‘diary’?

    Go and find a free slot, a pen in a bike ride, doesnt have to be right now, maybe in a week or so. Your Mrs will understand. Commit to it. Its your time. Get yourself out.

    You never know, you might enjoy it.

    ( All I can do from home is ride my gravel bike round pan-flat featureless field edges, almost entirely on my own. When I do get to do a MTB ride on a Sunday morning, I love it. If its busy, great. People to chat to. Cool bikes to see. People having fun on bikes. New riders. Riders much older than me and still shredding. Whats not to like? )

    Premier Icon sharkattack
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    I wish the doctor could prescribe me a winter trip to Madeira. I think that would hype me up a bit.

    Premier Icon idiotdogbrain
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    Not ridden the FS since this time last year, and it’s been even more of a start contrast as last year was one of my best riding years ever! Did buy an On One Whippet earlier this year and did a few XC-biased rides from the door on it which I really enjoyed, but no real desire to have to drive to get to trails “worthy” of the big bike.

    Just been massively lacking in motivation for doing anything much this year, plus I tend to leapfrog between pastimes, get obsessed over one for a few months, then get bored, move to the next, ad infinitum.. 🤣

    If you don’t need the money, keep the bikes and just wait. Do something else that interests you in the meantime. I’ve rediscovered my love of golf..

    Premier Icon prawny
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    I’m in a similar(ish) situation, I’ve not ridden outside much this year at all, most of my riding has been on zwift. The weather hasn’t helped, I cba riding in the muck so I can’t see me getting out any time soon either.

    But I’ve been here before with Drums and road cycling. I know I could sell up and use the cash on something else, but eventually that desire comes back and it’s much more expensive to re-acquire this stuff so I’m not falling for it again.

    I might sell my power meter, because that’s a massive extravagance for the few outdoor road rides I do but I’ll be keeping the bikes and kit.

    Maybe just trim the collection and downgrade some luxury stuff you could live without ready for when the desire comes back.

    Edit – I’ve just seen that you’re local to me, if you like to ride at stupid o’clock in the morning let me know, When I bother I’m normally back for 8:30-9am and now it’s a bit lighter in the mornings I might venture out when the rain holds off few a few days

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    Same here, my last ‘proper’ ride was in may on a 5 day lakes trip. Probably didn’t help that I wasn’t fit enough for that trip and it proper killed me. Then a combination of mega busy work plus a house move meant I didn’t get out much during July/August/September, and then autumn hit in a BIG way…

    Got myself a zwift set up and even though that literally takes 10 minutes to set up I’ve even been lacking the motivation to use that!

    I’m just putting it down to the time of year, low energy levels. I’ll get a training plan set up on zwift soon so I have set rides to do every week which should help.

    Premier Icon stevextc
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    Anyone else in a similar situation?


    Am I done with MTB???

    Totally different direction …. left field response?
    I like reading non-fiction but sometimes I’ll end up going a year without reading then read 20 books in a couple of months reading every night… I stop for the most bizarre reasons like getting to the end of a series or even getting half way through a series and the next book is full price. (and I just think I’ll wait) or forgetting to take on holiday.

    During that year I might stumble over the kindle a couple of times and even charge it but sometimes I’ll pick it up and start again and sometimes I’ll charge it and just not get back into it, its just the wrong time.

    I really enjoy reading … I think … at least I remember really enjoying it and right now I couldn’t tell you where my kindle is.

    Sometimes it’s just the wrong time … sometimes you might need a different type of book (riding) … but chances are you’ll get back into it because you enjoyed it before and it’s a lifeline at times?

    I think what I’m saying is “should I give up reading?” isn’t so far off the same question ???

    Maybe get some new mates (not get rid of existing) .. do some other types of riding … maybe a more social type ride if you usually do more serious? As I said above “YES” … but I found before I had to isolate I was having fun with some riders (my age) just getting out, shooting the shit and riding – did a couple of night rides etc.?

    After 10 days isolation I’m struggling again …. though it doesn’t help it keeps chucking it down.

    Premier Icon sharkattack
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    Maybe get some new mates

    This is much harder than it sounds. I moved to a new city a few years ago so I only had a small circle of friends anyway. That’s pretty much gone now. No one I could call on for a ride has resurfaced since Covid. At the minute I only have workmates who are fine but I don’t really socialise with and none of them are bike riders.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    This is much harder than it sounds

    I’m not sure it is, if you make an effort there’s loads of folk out there who will like to show you where they ride. Over the last 18 years that I’ve been riding a MTB, loads of folk have come and gone, but there’s still more folk to ride with than time to do it!.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    The thing is I used to feel guilty and annoyed with myself for missing rides – I don’t have that feeling anymore…
    Am I done with MTB???

    Anyone else in a similar situation?

    I was a bit like that. Rode a LOT and it was strongly habitual. Was starting to lose the fun a bit though.

    This year I’ve backed it off quite a bit and been doing more social stuff, running and gym.

    Now riding a decent amount again, enjoying it a lot more and seem to be going better on the descents as I’m feeling the stoke. Sadly takes me a bit longer to get up the hills though.

    If you’re not feeling the urge to ride, just don’t. Come back to it later and see how it is.

    But from the tone of your OP, I wonder if there an underlying issue of “but if I’m not a mountain biker then who even am I?” going on?

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
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    Im doing some running again it’s short and sweet less faff and literally ready in minutes. Out and back under an hour. Keeps my head in good place and keeps fitness ticking over

    For me, the gravel bika has given me something similar – during covid, esp. when we were supposed to stay within 5k of home, I was riding out my gate, round local trails and canal paths, just for fitness/air, and got to quite enjoy it, and have kept it up and pushed on with it, I regularly go for 60/70k rides of an evening now. It’s had a knock on effect for MTB to, in that I’m fitter as a result, so much more keen to get out and ride and less inclined to avoid it because I feel lazy and the climb feels big, so I’ve ended up riding 14-15 times a month instead of 7/8. I even combine them, riding the mtb on road/fireroad/trail to get to the top of my local trails, ride a lap of those, and back home with a coffee on the way.

    I do a lot more riding on my own too, used always be depending on meeting up with others, trying to make plans, etc, but the ease of just walking to the shed, sit on the bike and go whenever I feel like it is a huge plus too – still ride in groups when it suits, but if I don’t feel like getting up early to meet up for an MTB spin, I can go ride in the afternoon, or go do a gravel ride instead, and I don’t feel guilty about missing it. Feels like the hassle has been removed and riding bikes is just more chilled out in every way as a result. WFH has helped massively also, the time I’d have spent commuting in the evening is now ride time.

    Clocks going back is a pain though…..

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    I’m not sure it is, if you make an effort there’s loads of folk out there who will like to show you where they ride. Over the last 18 years that I’ve been riding a MTB, loads of folk have come and gone, but there’s still more folk to ride with than time to do it!.


    And there’s always this forum if you need to pick up new riding pals. Don’t be shy.

    Premier Icon gingerflash
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    I went through a bit of this around 10 years ago. Riding friends had gradually dissipated, doing other stuff, and then arrival of first child meant a lot less time at the weekends, trips away were much harder etc.
    I took up road riding, for the reasons listed above. Get it done from the door, much more time efficient. It kept me fit and interested.
    More recently i have come back to mountain biking. My boys are starting to ride, so all four of us go out, and I can see a day fairly soon when they can do a normal full day’s ride and mountain biking will fill a lot of our weekends.
    I am pressed for time too, but i use the road bike and turbo for fitness and have squeezed in a few mountain bike rides by taking the odd day off work, or gone out super-early while on a family weekend away. My enthusiasm is back, but it’s really different from first time round, when we allowed it to basically fill all our free time. Now it’s more of an occasional treat.

    “the area I live in offers no challenge compared to where I used to live”
    Me too. Our riding used to be Lakes, Peak, big hills, big rocky trails. The trails rideable from the house are definitely not that. The solution for me was to buy a short travel XC race bike. Makes boring trails fun again and it’s ideally suited to 2 hours flat out.

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