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  • Are Continental Mountain Kings any good?
  • The new generation ones in black chilli 2.4 get my approval. The old gen ones were IMO the worst tyre ever.


    No Continental tyres are good, IMHO.

    Continental Tyres are great IMO.

    Very disappointed that they’re giving in to North American insecurities and renaming the Rubber Queen to be the Trail King everywhere.


    Got 2.2 BC MK2’s on my Cotic. As buzz-lightyear said above get the BC version. They do have quite light sidewalls so not a good idea to run low pressure on the rear. Roll and grip well in most conditions.
    How about the Rubber Queen/Trail King 2.2 BC if you want a bit more cushioning or a slightly taller tyre?


    What buzz said, the old ones are bobbins !

    OK for commuting or taking the kids round the local park, I wouldn’t even ride a trail centre in them the sidewalls are like paper, grip is not that brilliant either,

    I wouldn’t buy them even if you contemplating keeping your LBS in business, at the end of the day though its your choice.


    I bought the MKII non-BC by mistake (damn those german websites). Wasn’t worth sending them back and to be fair they’ve been good. Not as good as my RQ BC but good enough


    Been using Mountain Kings for years, both the old design and the new. I just use the bog-basic folding version and the only criticism that I can level at them is that they seem to wear quickly.

    Other than that, no issues – a lot of people seem to feel that they puncture easily, or that the sidewalls are prone to tearing but I can honestly say that I’ve never had these issues (except one of the old ones which blew out but I’d been kicking the arse out of it anyway and it was due replacement).

    They’re possibly not the grippiest tyre on the market but they do roll quickly, even the 2,4″ version. The only time I swap them is in summer when I put a set of Maxxis High Roller Semi-Slicks on if the ground is dry and hard-packed.


    Thanks all, I think I’ll give them a miss, for £60 a pair I can’t just take a chance on them.


    It’s the only suitable tyre my new LBS does and I’d rather put the money their way if possible.
    I ride trail centres and a few 24s. Crest rims on a hardtail, weighing 73kg. Using Blue Groove/Nevagel at the moment and would rather a year round tyre for cost reasons.


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