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  • Are Camber 29ers any good?
  • Premier Icon granny_ring

    Pros and cons if anyone has one please.


    I did a demo on one, quite liked it. Really responsive and quick. Did it back to back against a stumpy 29er. I would have gone for the Camber, but didn’t really want a 29er.

    Depends what you ride though


    They have a bloody long wheelbase for the travel, the BB is on the floor, the suspension is very supple/active. A bit like a DH bike with half the travel and two thirds the weight. Fine if you like throwing a bike about but a bit dull unless you’re hauling. Same as the Stumpy really.

    If I moved back to the UK I’d have a Camber Evo over anything else.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I have a Camber 29er. It’s very good fun ride. Not that nimble (long wheel base) but very fast once you get it rolling. The thing I notice is that for 100-110mm travel and good speeds you still hit stuff hard and it always comes back from a ride with full travel use.

    As they say it’s baby an epic and stumpy would have. Did a demo a while back with lots of riders and bikes incl spesh. People were divided over epics and stumpy (surprisingly so IMO) but everyone loved the camber. Ok, doesn’t shoot uphill like an epic but still a great all round bike.

    I went and looked at the camber evo this week. Looks nice in the flesh. Only downside for me was it was up against Wytes in the shop and the latter looked better specced and VFM. I am going to demo both in next few weeks.

    But seems like a v god all round bike for a lot of UK riding. Bit like a trance perhaps?

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Cheers, maybe not for me then was tempted by the cheap frames HERE.

    Maybe a PSA for someone else 🙂

    Check with Northwind as well. If I recall correctly he didn’t get on with his camber so could be good to get alternative view.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Hah, say my name 3 times in a mirror… Mine was a 26er, it was alright but I just found it pointless- not faster up a hill than a Stumpy, miles worse coming back down. I like the idea mind. But I’ve not tried the 29er

    Big M

    I really like mine, it felt long/slack coming from an XC race type 26″ bike.
    I raced Dusk 2 Dawn on it twice, done a jumps & drops course with Jedi. Usually point it at more trail type stuff than xc, it’s a great all round bike. I’ve never been a Specialized fan before but now…


    Really like mine too. Don’t really notice a low BB (although I am coming from a Whyte 146) or long wheelbase, just find it the fastest bike I’ve ridden along and down. It’s not as fast as my HT going up, but then it is 6lbs heavier. Not to say it is heavy. 1 x 10 and sensible kit have got to under 25lbs. Fantastic do it all bike.

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