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  • Are all fork companies useless?
  • No, my pikes and nixons rarely have dirt in them, but they do readily use their semi-bath oil.


    So called quality forks and shocks are ridiculously overpriced and not well engineered for reliability, durability. Shocking! (no pun intended)

    The mid to high end stuff is temperamental tosh. Engineering a set of bike forks is NOT rocket science. We’re being mugged!

    This gear should be getting better and cheaper now, but for example; the inflation of the price of Rockshox range this year indicates that the bike industry has lost the plot!

    I blame consumers for stumping up and supporting this nonsense.

    Don’t buy, and let them learn a lesson!

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    I don’t think the price of RS forks has changed much in the US.

    Remember, everything imported to the UK has been significantly affected by the the weakening of the pound over the last year.

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    The mid to high end stuff is temperamental tosh. Engineering a set of bike forks is NOT rocket science. We’re being mugged!

    If it is that easy, set up a company yourself making forks that are vastly better than all the current offerings and rake in the profits.


    Spongebob, you going to go back to rigid forks, then?

    I’ve had issues with oil around the top of the MC dial on both my Rebas. Apparently this is due to the rubber washer fitted being a bit bobbins. If you hang your bike up by one of the wheels, it might be worth storing it on the level instead. I’ve had one set PUSHed and the (uprated) washer seems to cure this little problem. I wonder if this is the same problem as with Revs?

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    Engineering a set of bike forks is NOT rocket science.

    But coming up with an original metaphor is, apparently. 🙄


    Just remember if your forks RRP is £999 then the factory price you have to make a profit on selling them for is about £235.

    (I know this as i have a SRAM OEM pricelist infront of me!)

    Now if you can make some lyrics for that, warranty them for 3 years and market them…. AND MAKE THEM BETTER QUALITY then you will be a billionaire by next week

    Simple Capitalism QED


    I think the original post is bang on, fork choice is one of the hardest to make for bike components.

    Bombers were rock solid up to about 3 years ago. I have two sets, 10 years old and 4ish years old, both run very well to this day and are better than any pair of RS I have ever tried (Pike, SID, Pyslo, Reba, Rekon etc). I know some people love this brand but I find the performance horrid and they seem to go for bollocks like u-turn flight control pop loc bells and whistles, but miss things like spring preload, which is one of the most basic and important adjustments on a fork. The seals on several models are just not suitable for UK use.

    Last year I was after some 160mm travel forks for a heckler, it was a tough choice between Fox 36 and Magua Wotans. I went for the latter and while they have been very stiff/plush, there have been a few minor niggles. Fox seem to have improved the reliablity this year and I’d prob go for 36 floats if I could now.

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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