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  • dyls

    Don’t think i’d give a £1k non refundable cheque to anyone tbh.


    no, i haven’t.

    As Dyls said what’s it for? If others can still buy it! yes they are scum, but you can’t do much about it as what they do tends to be legal unforuntaely.


    Is it possible to say render them down in some large vat and collect all that oiliness they exude?
    If cars can run on chip fat, then I’m sure it must be possible to get a mini to run on essence of Foxtons.


    Yes they are.

    I’ve only used Estate agents three times in my life and each time I’ve had to revise my expectations of any kind of decent service downwards.

    They are parasitic leaches who I would not trust to do anything well without me pointing a shotgun at them.

    Any kind of national regulatory body for estate agents would be like putting the Mafia in charge of insurance claims. Scum.


    Put a stop on the cheque as a first response.


    Yes they are.

    Re the £1k cheque. This might not be the ********, it could be the builder. When we bought a new build we had to pay a not returnable deposit to the builder. When we queried/objected to this, we were told by the builder – no deposit, no house, so had to decided whether we wanted it.
    Mate has just bought a new house and he had to pay the same.


    Scum all round. Local estate agent in Holcombe Brook tried to get a quick sale by under-valuing my house and was miffed when I rang and upped the price by £10,000. Shortly after that I had three buyers desperate to secure it, so I reckon I could have upped it another £10,000.


    If its a new build could they be using your house as a show-home?

    Maybe I’m being too generous


    No, its the last one. Far too generous


    Re the £1k cheque. This might not be the ********, it could be the builder

    Yes, we were told to make it payable to the builder.

    If it goes ahead it will be throu our solicitor held in trust by his, he’s a cheeky cock too.

    We found out from the saturday girl that the director and developer had cooked up ‘a final push’ for a better offer.

    Ours was pretty low, 15K under what I thought we would do the deal at, but still I thought a deal would be a deal..

    Going to be hard not to loose my cool with the director on Monday


    Make your offer conditional on taking it off the market – i.e. off right move, off their website, none of this sold subject to contract bollocks. That’s what we did – obviously we checked it’d be done by pretending to be another buyer too…

    I also have continually revised my expectations downwards.


    Had an offer accepted yesterday. Negotiated quite hard and then agreed that the property would cease viewings, but names of interest parties would be noted

    Its a new build and had open days every weekend.

    Turned up this afternoon to drive by the property and the agent was showing 2 families round. Was bloody fuming.

    Plus they asked us to give a cheque for 1K direct to the developer non refundable

    How do you deal with these lying ****s


    No they are not, invariably it’s the clients that are ****’s


    they’re fine as long as you never believe a word they say.


    When i sold my old place i asked the estate agent to do the viewings on the condition they informed me so i could not be there.
    I was ill one day and took the day off work. Im sat on the sofa in my pants watching neighbours and the estate agent lets herself in carrying a pizza and a 2litre bottle of coke.
    She jumped out of her skin when she saw me and mumbled something about a viewing before legging it. I called her office straight away and they confirmed no viewings that day. And she was a rotter too.

    Previously at the same gaff the house nextdoor was for sale and included the freehold over my property. I was in the bath and heard the door open and hurrid downstairs to find three adults looking though my cupboards. I grabbed the butt end of my snooker queue and told them to get the chuff out. The woman refused as she was the estate agent doing viewing for next door where she had amazingly found a key for my door!? After i manhandled her out the door i tried in vain to explain how leasehold works. I then had to get the key she had from her by force! She was unhurt.
    They then sodded off. Half an hour latet i couldnt find my keys. SHE HAD TAKEN THEM!
    So yep. They are all useless scum i reckon.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Sounds like you may have negotiated too hard and they are looking for a better offer. If you didn’t give them a deposit then there is bugger all you can do except threaten to pull out – if they’ve got plenty of other interest then they may not be too bothered. Perhaps give them the deposit to seal the contract ?

    Premier Icon Lummox

    Not just scum but robbing scum

    4k for doing nothing on our last house sale, the solicitor got far less and did 10x more for us.

    I’d rather burn it than give them another penny!

    Sadly Mrs L is talking about moving again

    Premier Icon Lifer

    As I’ve never been in the market for a house I have to ask, do you have to use Estate Agents?


    No, course not.

    Some are **** or ****. If you get really lucky, you’ll meet one who’s all three 😉



    Hope younwent down their office and explained how bombers work.

    Shoot first questions later when someones in you house uninvited.

    Simple answer. Yes!


    It makes you wonder what they do; whenever I look at a listing I always chuckle when I see the ‘none of the services have been checked’ and ‘measurements approx’ rubbish.

    I mean, really what do they do other than fleece punters out of money?

    Put them on the same pile as MPs and burn the lot!!


    In my experience letting agents are worse than estate agents. But I’ve never met one of either that I’ve trusted. There is a website you can use to get your house on rightmove. Flat fee so you’ll save a fortune over using an estate agent.


    We used Whites estates in london to manage our rental property, they were bloody useless, equally for us and our tenants. Ivariabley when things went wrong in the house the tenents would contact them, they would ignore the tenants, the tenants would contact us, the tenants would contact us, and after we repeately spoke to whites something might get done. We got rid of them for a significantly better letting group. I would have managed the property myself but we are now living on the wrong (or right) side of the world.

    Premier Icon convert

    Sounds like you got a good deal – if it was me and I was happy with the deal I’d have paid over the £1K which seems standard practice with new builds. If you had I suspect it would have been off the market proper. From their perspective you have squeezed them and won’t play the game by showing your commitment and coughing up the standard cheque. In their line of work (developers) I’d imagine they get sick and tired of punters pulling out and leaving them in a pickle so are prepared to play fast and loose with those (in this case that’ll be you) that don’t play the game.


    whenever I look at a listing I always chuckle when I see the ‘none of the services have been checked’ and ‘measurements approx’ rubbish.

    I mean, really what do they do other than fleece punters out of money?
    Apparently they prepare sales materials and get it into the paws of punters like you.

    Definitely not liking the new game with the sellers report thing. Effectively you pay out £1200 up front then sit as the estate agent does SFA. I’m heading into the office this week to explain my dissatifaction with them. I’ll be looking for any unattended footwear.

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