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  • Are all delivery services the same?
  • blxm

    I’m hoping to sell my kids Islabike on this forum soon but don’t know how to ship it. Does anybody have any words of advice on couriers or delivery services? I guess the first thing I need is a box.

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    take to a post office and send Parcel Force 48.

    Or book Parcel Force through which is a front for Parcel Force and they’ll come and pick it up from you for a bit less than post office. Should be about £15.

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    box from local halfords. weigh boxed bike and measure box.

    visit parcel2go parcelmonket etc and get a price. they’ll pick up from your house.


    Parcel, use lots of different couriers, including city link which are about half the price of parcel force!

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    Posted both my lads Islabikes with


    If it is a beinn 20″ large, I’ll bite your hand off!! email in profile.

    Halfords will usually give you a free box.
    Rough price is usually £25ish to ship an adult sized bike.

    send Parcel Force 48.

    Ideal if you want the bike left outside and a forged signature on the proof of delivery

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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