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    Hello all, unfortunately didn’t get an entry and fancy going to cheer freinds on but can’t find any information regarding spectator access for the event.

    Any help gratefully appreciated



    What sort of info are you after? The stages are fairly well spread out. In the past the most popular spectator stage has been what I think is stage 5. It is closest to camp and starts on a hill overlooking the camp and finishes in the valley bottom.


    You could park somewhere close and cycle or walk to lordstones and surrounding, of all the local areas Carlton bank is the one with the worst parking – it now has double yellows from lordstones entrance to the top of Carlton bank road so if you can’t get into lordstones the chances of parking close are zero.
    I’ve been walk over that way today too, covered quite a lot of ground, toilets and showers are set up, main event tent and timings are up, some parts of course marked, conditions are dry but not dusty, it drains very well so unless it absolutely belts down it should be ok. windy as f##k, always is though…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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